Plan With Me for 2021

January 08, 2021


Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my 'Plan With Me' video for 2021. It's a cosy video packed full of pretty bullet journal pages, so be sure to give it a watch and subscribe to my brand new channel for more!

 Prefer to read than watch a video? No problem, keep on scrolling for a written account of the spreads I've done for the start of the year!


Cover Page

The cover page is a watercolour painting I did, based on a piece of fabric I have in my collection. It's got a rabbit and a rainbow on it, as well as '2021' written in imperfect lettering. I used a Coliro Colors metallic watercolour in 'Rose Gold' as a shimmering accent, and a white Posca paint pen to draw some Scandinavian-inspired patterns over the paint.

Key and Year at a Glance

On the left-hand page is my key page. It's useful for me to be able to refer back to my symbols later in the year. Beside it is my 'Year at a Glance' page, which is just a page full of calendars for every month this year. I find it very helpful to be able to see the whole year on just one page.

Grid Spacing

These pages will help me with my monthly set ups this year, as they show the number of dots I need to count to split the page into two columns, three colums, etc. I have one for splitting the page horizontally and one for splitting it vertically.


Future Log

Future Log

These future log pages are for writing down significant dates in the future, so if I'm told about an appointment or an event that will happen well into the future, I'm still able to jot it down and see it coming up. I've also used it to make a note of the themes I want to do in the upcoming months!

I hope you like my set up for 2021! If you recreate it, be sure to tag me on Instagram '@WhoopsItsHannah', so I can see!

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