My Bullet Journal Set-Up for July 2020

July 01, 2020

Hello everyone!

Gosh I can't believe we're at the start of a new month! Today I want to share my set up for my bullet journal in July. I'll be posting more weekly spreads from this month's theme in a week or so, but for now I'm sharing the introductory spreads for this month.

I have also made a YouTube video for this month's set up, so if you prefer to watch than read, here you go: [link]

For this month's cover page, I painted this image of birds on branches surrounded by leaves and flowers. I went with blues and purples because I've noticed I do a lot of yellow spreads in my journal and I wanted to take a step away from that!
When the painting was finished, I scanned it into my laptop and edited it to add 'July' to the cover page. I also took elements of the painting and used them as decoration on an important dates page on the left-hand side. When that was done, all I had to do was print them out and stick them into my journal!

I was so pleased with how these pages came out that I've decided to offer a customisable listing of these spreads, where you can tell me which month you'd like and I adjust the dates and the cover page accordingly. If you're interested in checking that out, you can find my Etsy shop [here].

I like to set myself three goals to focus on throughout the month, as well as a few habits to either try to get into or get out of. To keep the theme cohesive, these two pages feature the same leafy details as my painting, and I used my Coliro Colors metallic watercolours to add shiny details to the centres of the flowers and the sparkle designs.

For the habits, I just drew some dots for each day of the month, and I'll cross that out when I've done the habit that I've decided to track.

If you like these spreads, they are available as a printable from my Etsy shop. You can find them [here].

I decided to make a sleep tracker for the first time ever to try and sort out my sleep schedule - lockdown has messed me up!

If you're wondering how I'll use it, the numbers along the top denote an hour in the night, and the numbers down the side are the days of the month. Each morning I'll jot down an estimation of what time I fell asleep and when I got up and draw a line to show it on the spread. With any luck, by the end of the month, every line will start and stop in the same place as I'll have a more regular sleep schedule!

Beside it, I have a page titled 'July Jobs', which is basically where I'll keep a masterlist of things to do this month, particularly tasks that take more than one day so I don't have to rewrite them over and over.

For the first week of this month, I've gone with a simple horizontal weekly spread. I find these spreads work really well for me and my style of planning.

I again used the floral designs off the painting and used some metallic watercolours in the sparkles and flowers for a nice reflective touch. For the numbers of the date, I used some stamps I have from Amazon. I first used silver stamping ink for them but found it a bit translucent so I went back over it with black and it's much clearer.

I hope this post has been a good source of inspiration for your own bullet journal!
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Have a lovely day!

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