Four Bullet Journal Spreads to Enhance Wellness

July 29, 2020

I think we can all agree that it's been a challenging few months! I created a series of bullet journal spreads that I thought would help with my wellbeing, and I made them into digital printables for you to purchase and download from my Etsy shop. I thought I would also make a post explaining what these spreads are about and what they're designed to do, so that readers here could recreate them in their own style if they wanted to!

Gratitude Log

In challenging times, I think it's so important to remember the things we are grateful for. It's so easy to only focus on the negative, and a Gratitude spread like this forces you to shift your mindset towards the positive. The things you jot down can be as simple as 'friends', or as detailed as a recollection of something someone did or said to make you happy. For example, I've got a story in there about a woman who stopped me in the street to say how gorgeous she thought I looked. She didn't have to do that, but it gave me a real boost that day, so I'm grateful she did! Slowly training your brain to spot things to be thankful for can give a real boost to mental health.

Mood Tracker

Analysing your moods is a great way to spot trends. Having a simple scale from 'bad mood' to 'good mood', with a few variations in between, is all it takes to see if there was one week for example where you felt really low. What was going on that week? What could you change? It also helps you to acknowledge your feelings at the end of the day, instead of just shoving them down. If you feel good, you're aware you feel good, and if you feel bad, you're aware you feel bad. There's nothing like a mood tracker to make you confront your emotions!

Brain Dump

We all have thoughts that can feel overwhelming at times, and a Brain Dump page is a great place to get them out. By writing down thoughts that are persistent, or intrusive, or just too much, you give yourself permission to get them out of your brain - they're on paper, they're not going anywhere, and you can come back to them as and when you need to. Give yourself a space to get out those thoughts that you don't need whirling around your mind, and enjoy the peace that comes from silencing them.

Sleep Log

Sleep is one of the things that significantly impacts our mental and physical health. The body needs time to recharge, and a Sleep Log page like this holds you accountable for building healthy sleep habits. Choose a goal bedtime and a goal wake-up time, and start sleeping! Mark every day what time you slept from and when you got up in the morning, and you can see at the end of the month whether you got closer to your goal, or whether you have noticeable patterns. For example, maybe you consistently lie in on a Sunday, or stay up late on a Tuesday night. You can investigate why that is, whether you want to change it, and what you can do to change. Better and more consistent sleep is an important factor in mental health, and a Sleep Log is a great way to establish that healthy habit.

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