Five Simple Weekly Spread Layouts for your Bullet Journal

June 24, 2020

Sometimes it can be hard to think of how to lay out your weekly spreads, and I thought I'd offer you some inspiration! Below is a video to demonstrate the spreads, but if you prefer to read then I've explained them all underneath that.

Here are five different layouts for a weekly spread in a bullet journal:


Perhaps my most commonly used spread is the 'horizontal' layout, where I draw myself seven long, thin boxes over a two page spread. In a Dingbats dotted notebook, my boxes are 8 dots high and 25 dots wide, and they give me enough space to write my to-do lists in for an average day! I like that this layout has a lot of functional space, as well as leaving space for doodles and decoration if I want them!


Vertical spreads are another very popular layout for a weekly spread. For these, I typically draw rectangular boxes which are 9 dots wide and however high I want them to be. Sometimes I make the boxes really long with a lot of space to write, and other times I keep them a little bit shorter to allow for more decoration. One thing I find tricky with this type of spread is how to position Saturday and Sunday. I typically stack them on top of each other, but that often makes them smaller than the other days of the week.


A grid-style layout is among the easiest to set up. I usually just split my page into four quarters, and go from there. You can draw yourself boxes, have lines or drawings breaking up the sections, or keep it really minimal. These kinds of spread are great for people who have less time to set up their spreads; they're really easy to measure out and execute, and can be customised really easily!


On weeks when I know the amount I need to get done in a day will be drastically different, I use a running spread. The set up for this is minimal - just a quick 'Monday the 1st' at the top of the page and you're away! You just write all of your to-do lists, appointments, exams, and events under the heading, and can add as many or as few as you'd like. Then tomorrow you've just got to write 'Tusday the 2nd' under yesterday's lists, and continue from where you've left off.


For the more artistic among you, this kind of spread can be a really creative addition. In the middle of two pages, there's a picture, and the daily to-do lists come out from the picture, to the outside of the pages. This is one of the most Instagram-able and Pinterest-y spreads out there, and it can look really beautiful! It also lends itself to doing something similar to the running spread, in that you can just fill in around the circle and don't have to add your headings in advance!

Thank you so much for reading this post; let me know which was your favourite! Also be sure to follow me via the links in my sidebar so you never miss a post!

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