My Unpopular Disney Opinions

April 14, 2020

 I have been a big Disney nerd for my entire life. I've visited Disney theme parks multiple time, possess an impressive collection of pins and DVDs, and can quote most Disney films aggressively into your face. As such, I've developed some strong opinions over the years, many of which I've discovered are not actually that popular. Today, since this is my blog and I can share my most controversial opinions willy-nilly, I thought I'd make a post revealing my unpopular Disney opinions.

Meeting characters is more fun as an adult than as a child
As a kid, the characters are kind of scary. They're giant versions of characters you thought you loved (when they weren't towering above you), and meeting face characters can be intimidating. What can you possibly say to convey your love to Cinderella, Tiana, or Snow White?! For an introverted child like me, I didn't enjoy meeting the characters anywhere near as much as I do now. Now, I'm more confident and outgoing (and I've taken a fair few improv classes), and I'm able to riff with and chat with the characters much more. I get more out of the interaction now than I did when I was younger; I chase butterflies with Alice, I learn whether Ariel prefers life on land or in the sea, and I name new mice with Cinderella. When I was little, I got an autograph and a photo, and maybe mumbled a shy 'hello', if someone was lucky. Character meet and greets are way more fun when you're all grown up.

Character meals in restaurants are overrated
Don't get me wrong, character meals are a great way to meet a lot of characters at once, sometimes in exclusive outfits. However, often the food quality is not as good, and if you're paying with cash then the restaurants with characters in are more expensive than others. You're paying more for a lesser meal. The logistics of a character meal, when you're waiting for characters to come to your table, means that you feel awkward and indecisive making the decision to go back up to the buffet ("But what if I miss Goofy while I'm stocking up on Mickey waffles?!"), and you're either constantly bobbing up and down for an awkward hug and a photo, or the character is having the difficulty of bending down to you. I personally prefer to eat a normal meal, and then head out character hunting organically in the parks. That said, I do love Tusker House and the Crystal Palace. I just wish Pooh Bear would leave me alone for five minutes!

Rafiki's Planet Watch in Animal Kingdom is severely underrated
In the Animal Kingdom park at Walt Disney World in Florida, you can take a train over to an additional Land known as Rafiki's Planet Watch. The train takes you through the 'backstage' area of the Kilimanjaro Safari experience, allowing you the chance to see some more animals, or get a look at where the animals go when they're not out on the savannah. Once you're off the train, you get to learn about conservation efforts, see even more animals, watch vetinary procedures in action, brush and pet the world's chillest goats, and meet characters like Rafiki, Chip, and Dale. It's usually pretty quiet, which means it's a great place to hide from the ever-present crowds, but I take that as a sign that people either don't like or don't know about Rafiki's Planet Watch. Online, I rarely see it mentioned in blogs or podcasts. This place is criminally underrated.

While I'm sick and tired of live-action remakes, the live-action 'Aladdin' is better than the original
In the live-action version, the character of Jasmine is much more fleshed out than her animated counterpart; she's the reason Agrabah's army turns against Jafar and overthrows him (spoiler alert: the good guys win), and you really get to see her struggle with her beliefs and aspirations, which I love. In this version, Jasmine is bold, brave, curious, and ambitious. In the animation, she has a pet tiger. That's not a replacement for a personality. This film is also beautifully shot, the costumes and sets are gorgeous, and I forgive it for being a remake. Other live-action remakes that I support: Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Alice Through the Looking-Glass', the live action 'Cinderella', and the new 'Mulan' looks incredible judging from the clips I've seen so far.

Disney Park tickets should be harder to get
I don't mean that tickets to get into the parks should be more expensive, so hear me out. The prices are eye-watering because Disney are trying to price people out to limit the number of people in the parks, but my suggestion is this: limit the number of tickets you sell instead of hiking up the prices. Maybe make it so that you can't book park tickets online; you've got to go through a travel agent, or call Disney up to book your vacations. I personally would not mind booking trips multiple years in advance if it meant that the crowds would be smaller. The number of people in Disney parks at the moment spoils the fun (there's more people there to piss you off), and if Disney put a cap on the number of people allowed in the park and stuck to that, I would have a much more magical time. Yes, fewer tickets available makes them harder to get, but I wouldn't mind the struggle if I had to put up with smaller crowds in the parks.

So there you have it - five of my Disney opinions that I find to be quite unpopular. Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you have any unpopular Disney opinions of your own? Share away in the comments!

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