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July 14, 2019

I try to be a positive person and keep my online space fairly upbeat and cheery, so most of the reviews I've written tend to be very positive. Usually, if I dislike a product, I don't write about it. But when I saw Cassie's (ZombieGoddess's) post about Anti-Favourites, it seemed like a really fun tag to participate in. Thank you to Cassie for nominating me to take part in this tag, and for writing some interesting questions for it!

1. What is your least favourite lip product?

I get very annoyed with how drying liquid lipsticks are, but I love the pigmentation so I wouldn't say they're my least favourite. I do hate sheer lipstick though; what's the point? If I want a red lip, I want a Red Lip, not a 'Wisp o' Cherry Aire' look that looks like you just showed your lips a lipstick instead of applying it.

2. What is your least favourite makeup finish?

I personally think matte, shimmery, and dewy finishes all have their time and place, and people look lovely with them on. The only makeup finish I truly despise is when it's just too much. You can always see when someone's face has a hefty layer of foundation on and it's just not good, in my opinion.

3. What is your least favourite beauty product(s)? (Like highlighters, glitter, primer, Oil cleansers, hair masks, etc also be specific if you want)

I will almost never wear bronzer. I think I'm too pale for it and it makes me look dirty and weird! Also those highlighters that are just glitter suspended in oil. They make me look greasy, lift the makeup that's underneath, and the shimmer disappears anyway.

4. What is your least favourite beauty trend? (Spider Lashes, Over Plucking Brows, Sharpie Brows, wavy lips, etc)

I don't have a problem with the shape of sharpie brows, but people went waaaaaaaaay too far with the pomade. I remember that I once had my brows as sharpie brows for playing a character, so not only was it stage makeup so it's dramatic anyway, but it had to be exaggerated since it was an aspect of the character. I tell you now, my stupid eyebrows looked exactly like some people's everyday brows. Really not my cup of tea!

5. What is your least favourite colour to wear on your lips?

Pink. I'm ginger.

6. What is your least favourite product(s) in your collection? (Like product regrets)

My biggest product regret is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. You can read why in this post!

7. What is your least favourite technique/step you skip?

Foundation! It feels gross on my skin and fortunately my skin is very clear so I don't feel I need it anyway. I only ever wear it for shows or special occassions now!

8. What is your least favourite product you've ever tried?
I saw an advert for No7 foundation matching when I was like fifteen and still wearing foundation, and I was so excited because they claimed to be able to find your perfect match. When I went to get it done, the guy (rather bluntly) told me I would just be the lightest shade, and only used the machine when I asked him to. He told me my shade name and I excitedly picked it out, bought it, and skipped off. I've never worn a more orange shade in my life. It was awful. I've met satsumas who were less orange than I was when wearing that stuff. Why couldn't he have just said that they didn't make one pale enough?!

9. What is your least favourite/banned brand(s)?
I get cross with MAC because they sort of pretend to be cruelty free and could trick a lot of people who haven't done their research. But more generally, I despise any brand that chooses to sell their products in China, where animal testing is recquired by law. They have chosen profit over compassion, and allowed thousands of animals to suffer just so they can earn some extra pennies. Honestly, it makes me sick.

10. What product is at the top of your Anti-Haul (will not buy) list?

Those Jaclyn Hill lipsticks. Yikes.

11. What is your least favourite TV show/TV show you are not interested in?

Currently, Love Island. I think it's trashy and cringey, and I'm just not interested.

12. What is your least favourite movie/movie you are not interested in?

I normally love all things Disney and Pixar, but my mum and I have both said we aren't interested in any of the 'Cars' films, or anything similar (I think 'Planes' was a thing a few years ago?) Sentient transportation just isn't for us, it seems.

13. What is your least favourite book or book series/book or book series you are not interested in?

Maybe I should reread it now that I'm older, but I really didn't enjoy 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime'. I found it really hard going for very little benefit in terms of story or character development.

14. What is your least favourite genre of music?

I get really annoyed when people start blaring rap. It seems to all be about sex, drugs, and violence, and for someone who likes folky songs about trees, it's not enjoyable. Also just the beat in them pecks my head for some reason, they've always got this random high-pitched thingy going. And when the rap artist themselves just lets out an 'ugh' before they start like even they know this music isn't worth listening to. Oof I hate it.

15. What is your least favourite food?

Fun fact: before I was vegetarian, I once tried fried crickets. "It tastes just like peanuts!" I was told. And you know what? The person who said that was bang on. They taste exactly like peanuts. Unfortunately for me, I detest peanuts. If I try to eat a peanut, or a chocolate bar like Snickers or Starbar with peanuts in it, or peanut butter, or if I smell peanuts, or if I think about them too hard... I want to vomit. They've literally made me wretch and gag as though I was going to throw up from them before.

16. What is your least favourite social media platform?
I would say probably Twitter? I love platforms like Instagram and Pinterest (but Instagram need to sort their algorithm out) because they're visual, but I don't think I really 'get' Twitter! I still use it, but it's definitely not my favourite.

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