Outfit of the Day: Alpine Skirt

July 03, 2019
Hello everyone!

I recently acquired a gorgeous skirt from Collectif, and I wanted to show you the outfit that I styled to feature it!

The skirt is called the ‘Rosie Alpine Swing Skirt’, and is made of a heavy, thick, suede-like fabric. It features beautiful embroidery of alpine-style flowers, and also came with a brown belt to cinch in your waist and to add an extra touch of detail.

I love how long this skirt is. On me, it passes my knees and comes to about mid-calf (I’m somewhere between 5’3 and 5’4, or around 163cm). Many vintage reproduction styles tend to raise the hemlines of dresses and skirts, to suit a modern audience who are used to a bit of flesh, but those of us who love vintage style aren’t looking to show off our thighs most of the time!

The fabric feels really high quality as well. Because it’s so thick and heavy, it has a gorgeous movement to it when you walk, and of course if you do a couple of spins it flares out beautifully! The embroidery feels sturdy, not like the threads are going to fray any time soon, and all the seams and hems feel secure as well.

To style this skirt, I used a vintage 1980s blouse from Etsy. The blouse is chiffon, and features pleats and embroidery in stripes down the front. It makes me feel like an Edwardian lady, which is heightened with the long skirt!

For footwear, I chose these flats from Marks and Spencer. They were new, and very comfortable to begin with, but started to rub my toes after a while. I think I need to wear them a little bit more to soften the material. These shoes are made of vegan ‘leather’, which I really appreciate; they’re stylish without harming cows!

Since the red in the skirt matched the red in my glasses, I decided to keep my specs on for this outfit. I typically wear contact lenses, but it’s good to give your eyes a break every now and then and have a glasses day!

All in all, I was very happy with this outfit. I was comfortable, and felt like a truly vintage lady all day! I hope you’ve found this post a good source of inspiration for your own outfits. For more outfit inspiration, why not follow me on Instagram or my board for vintage style on Pinterest?

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