Litha for Beginners

June 05, 2019

On or around the 21st of June is the time of the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year. At the same time, Wiccans are celebrating their Sabbat of Litha, or Midsummer.

Litha is a pivotal moment in the year. The Wheel of the Year has turned us from the darkness at the time of Yule, all the way to the height of summer, where everything is warm, bright, and vibrant. The world is full of light and life, and we celebrate that.

However, in Wicca, the Sabbat is tinged with a hint of sadness, and that is because those of us who believe in the Sun God believe that he is now at the height of his power, and that means that the only place we can go from here is down. Once you’ve reached your peak, you can’t keep rising, and once we’ve had the longest day, the days can only get shorter and darker from there. That said, it’s still a wonderful time of year, and we still have a lot to celebrate, so we can choose to look at Litha with sadness about the future, or with joy about the present, or, if you’re a fan of paradoxes, with a little bit of both.

Like in Beltane, fires are often lit at this time of year, and people choose to jump over them for blessings and purification. Offerings of food are also often presented to allies in energy, so Wiccans who also identify as Witches may offer their familiar their favourite meal, or leave bread and milk for faeries that can either help or hinder them in their practice depending on how generous the Witch in question is! You can also offer food to friends and family, or people and pets who share your home, as a sign of goodwill and to bring abundance and harmony into your home.

The turn of the wheel is inevitable, and it’s important to Wiccans to be aware of it. We’ve been rising to Summer since Yule, and now we’re going to start to fall back into Winter, but for Wiccans, whether it’s light or dark, warm or cold, we’ll still find something to celebrate!

So this year, at the Summer Solstice, remember the paradox of joy and sadness that this time of year brings. But while you’re reflecting on that, don’t forget to celebrate the warmth, light, and life that summer brings us.

Have a lovely day, and Blessed Be.

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