Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette Review

June 23, 2019

A while ago I shared a post where I created five different looks using the Juvia's Place Masquerade palette, and if you've read that then you'll know that I'm a huge fan! In this post, I want to share a more in-depth review of the pros and cons of this palette.

The first point I wanted to make about this palette is that it is extremely versatile. If you do both neutral and colourful looks rather than just sticking to one of the two, this palette is perfect for that.

The bottom half is all brown tones. There's a warm, creamy white in the form of 'Giza', which I use all the time as an inner corner highlight. 'Burkina', 'Ada', 'Zulu', and 'Fulani' are matte shades, with 'Zulu' and 'Ada' being the more warm-toned of the four. 'Dahia' is a pale gold shade, 'Casablanca' is a bronze, and 'Cairo' is an orange glitter. All of the shades on the bottom half make it easy to create a wearable, everyday makeup look, with the opportunity to go more dramatic with darker shades and a heavier use of glitter if you choose to do so.

The top half is where the party's at. On the top row we have a deep blue named 'Chi', a mid blue named 'Dalia', and 'Zola', which is a bright turquoise blue. On the same row is a pale-ish green shade named 'Mali'. That shade is perhaps my least favourite of the palette; I find that it's not as pigmented as the other shades, and I perfectly would prefer a more jewel-toned green shade as well. However, it's buildable, and perfectly usable.

Below that row is 'Makedo', a rich royal purple, 'Zobo', a matte dark fuschia (if such a shade exists. If not it's purpley-pinky-pinkpurple), and a bright hot pink named 'Bori'. The shade 'Bori' does stain unless you use an eyeshadow primer, so that's something to note if that bothers you. Finally, we have the shade 'Calaber', which I find terribly difficult to describe. It's sort of brown, sort of copper, sort of orange, sort of red, and sort of pink. Boom. You're welcome.

All of the shades are remarkably pigmented; the colour payoff is immediate and strong. On pale skin, you do have to go in with a light hand for that reason, but you're not going to be sat for half an hour trying to get a shade to show up. They blend out very well, the mattes in particular. You can blend the shades together nice and easily, and you can also blend them out to avoid a harsh line where your eyeshadow starts as well.

Over an eyeshadow primer, they last all day without fading, creasing, or moving (eyeshadow on your chin by the end of the day, anyone?) but I can't say if that's the case without an eyeshadow primer as I personally never go without. However, when you go to remove it, it's not at all difficult, and the only shade I've had a problem with staining is 'Bori'.

I have a lot of positive things to say, but a few cons I'd like to share are that if you only wear neautral shades or you only wear colour, there's no point in getting this palette. Juvia's Place have palettes that cater for both of those types of people, so spend your money on something you'll use thoroughly!

I mentioned earlier that my problem shades are 'Mali' and 'Bori', because the green isn't as pigmented as the other shades, and the pink can stain. I also find that I can see the glitter in 'Cairo' in the pan, but when I apply it to my eyes it disappears. Where did my glitter go, 'Cairo'? Tell me. Also, although the palette is versatile, the majority of the shades are warm-toned, so if you think cool-toned shades suit you much better, maybe give this one a miss. Finally, the shadows are easy to blend because they're soft, but a side effect of that is that the palette gets messy very quickly. You get a lot of kickback (and fallout on your cheek if you don't tap off the excess), so if you're one to love a pristine palette, that won't last long.

All in all, the Juvia's Place Masquerade palette is one of my absolute favourites, and I don't hesitate to recommend it. If the colour range interests you, I can assure you that the eyeshadows are extremely high quality, and I'm sure you'll love it too!

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