Bullet Journal | June 2019

June 02, 2019

Hello everybody!

Today's post is full of inspiration and information on setting up a bullet journal spread. Here is my bullet journal setup for June!

First, as always, we have my cover page. I decided to do something a little bit different this month, and I cut off a diagonal edge from the page. I lined the bit I cut off with a strip of washi tape so that the line looked less wobbly, added the June calendar and wrote the name of the month. On the page behind, I marked where the cut was so that I didn't write anything on that bit since it would show. When I got to the page, I drew the plants that you see in the pictures above.

On the back of the page I cut the edge off, I did my habit trackers. This month, the habits I want to track are: remembering to take my tablets, meditating, and journaling daily. On the next page over, you can see I did my goals. This month my goals are: to get a job (since I'm back from uni for the next few months and it's time to start saving for second year!), to stick my post schedule on here and on YouTube, and to learn how to do a new hairstyle.

Over the page, I wrote out both a post schedule and a mood tracker. I've pre-recorded a lot of videos for my YouTube channel (subscribe!), and pre-written a lot of blog posts, so I wanted to write out the dates I'll be publishing them all so I can keep track, because I was getting a bit muddled. This habit tracker is inspired by one I found on Pinterest, and after I'd finished drawing it, I realised that it stuck out a bit like a sore thumb, so that was when I decided to add similar plant drawings to all the other pages.

I've never done a 'brain dump' spread before, but I wanted to give it a go so I had space to jot down ideas or whatever. I used stickers from EllieBeth designs and thought I could write each thing into the boxes, and when/if I fill those up I'll move onto the space around them. I also made a stats tracking page because I will have time to be posting more consistently on social media now that I've finished my university first year, and I hope to be able to grow my blog and my YouTube channel in that time. If you feel like helping me out with that, here are the links to the socials I'll be tracking: Bloglovin', YouTube, Instagram, Planner Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

 Not to toot my own horn, but I love my weekly spreads this month. Last month, I found it really motivating to have segments to colour in when I complete a task, so I did the same thing this month. I'm really pleased with how the pink stripes look on this pages in particular as well; they took ages to do but when I look at these pages I think they were worth it. The stickers I used this month are inspired by 'Alice in Wonderland', particularly the Mad Hatter, and the stripes reminded me of the stripes on hatboxes. 

The notebook I use for bullet journaling is the Leuchtturm 1917 with dotted pages. You can buy your own [here]. I used my favourite colouring pencils from WHSmith throughout this month's set up, and you can get a set for yourself [here]. My favourite fineliners are the Uni-Pin fineliners, [available here]. Finally, the stickers I used are called 'It's Always Tea Time', and they're available [here].

 I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and found it useful and inspiring for your own bullet journal spreads or creative projects. For more inspiration, have a look at my bullet journaling Pinterest board or my bullet journal YouTube playlist!

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