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May 01, 2019

Hello everyone! In this post, I will be sharing the way I set up my bullet journal for the month of May! My mum kindly gave me a set of stickers from EllieBeth designs called 'Through the Tulips' which I found really inspiring for a summery and colourful spread.

You can watch the video I put together of this here, or continue to read the post for more detail! 

For those who are reading, on we go!

I am really pleased with my cover page this month. It's colourful and simple, and I really appreciate that it's not as overdone as some of my other cover pages. I used a strip of washie from the EllieBeth 'Through the Tulips' sticker collection, and I tried to match the colours of the tulips I drew to the colours in the washi tape, and I think that the fact that they match well makes the page more co-ordinated.

Here are a few close ups of the details of my cover page. The first image is the calligraphy I did for the title (thank goodness for a three-lettered month - it's so much easier to find the centre of the page), the second is the details of the tulips I drew, and the third is the washi tape I used as well as this page tab from EllieBeth designs. I think it matches the washi really well.

For my third semester, I was given a new timetable, and I decided for the first time to put my timetable in my bullet journal. I'm so chuffed with how it looks; it took a while but I'm very happy with how neat it looks. If you want to add your own school timetable to your journal, mine goes from Monday to Friday and from nine in the morning to nine at night. Each 'day' is five dots high, and each 'hour' is five dots wide. This also makes the hours easy to split in half or into quarters if you need to (for example, my classes are an hour and fifteen minutes long, and it was so easy to mark the fifteen minutes because of how I'd divided the hours)!

I was so pleased to see that a few of the stickers of the 'Through the Tulips' had a mirror version, such as the bikes and welly boots you can see on these pages. I had to take advantage of the matching stickers, and designed my 'goals' and 'habits' pages to suit that symmetry.

This month, my goals are:

1. Take good care of my mental health.
I've been doing a better job of this recently, but I think committing to this goal in writing is a good idea to keep me on track when it gets more difficult. I won't go into it too much here, but my mental health hit a very rocky patch towards the end of March, but from coming through that I am more confident that with proper care, I can manage myself if my mental health deteriorates again.

2. Help Mum and Kate have a good holiday in Sitges.
My mum and my aunt are coming to the town my university is in this month, and I'm so excited to act as a tour guide and hostess to them! I've got restaurants I want to show them and day trips I think they'd enjoy, and I'm excited to show them around my term-time home!

3. Use my bullet journal daily.
While I do use my bullet journal often, I occassionally skip a day or week (ironically, it's usually when I'm stressed and my bullet journal would be most helpful) and then I just write what I got up and tick it off later. That's not particularly helpful and defeats the point in having it, so I decided to set myself the target of usuing it daily, regardless of how stressed out I get!

This month, the habits I want to track daily are:

1. Journal.
This links to my third goal for the month, only by having it in a habit tracker, I can more accurately track that I've achieved the goal.

2. Tidy.
I've been reading 'The Magic of Tidying' by Marie Kondo, and also watching her Netflix series, and I've really enjoyed applying some of her KonMari method of tidying principles and I want to keep up the calm that comes from having tidy spaces around you. By keeping things tidy every single day, putting things back where they come from every time I use them, I should be able to maintain tidiness and calm.

3. Tablets.
Part of taking better care of my mental health is remembering to take my tablets daily. I'm a busy gal. Sometimes I forget. I need a reminder. Come at me.

For my weekly spread this month, I've kept the layout reasonably simple. I've got a little calendar at the top, where I've marked the week I'm on using the same colours I used on the tulips on my cover page. Each box for each day has five points for the five tasks or events I want to give myself that day. I've decided to limit myself to five so I don't overload myself (which possibly contributed to my poor mental health a few months ago), and also so I could try a thing I saw on Pinterest that I'll explain later. Finally, I added some stickers and washi tape for a bit of embellishment!

I came across this idea on Pinterest to colour in a fifth of the circle around the letters each time you complete one of your tasks so you can see the percentage of the tasks you complete each day. I thought it was an interesting idea and one I wanted to incorporate into my spreads this month.

The notebook I use for bullet journaling is the Leuchtturm 1917 with dotted pages. [available here] I used my Uni-Pin fineliners throughout this month's setup, and those are available to buy [here]. I used my WHSmith Colouring Pencils, which I adore, and they are available [here]. Finally, the stickers this month are called 'Through the Tulips' and are available [here].

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and having a look at my bullet journal setup for this month. For more inspiration, why not check out my bullet journalling Pinterest board?

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