Sephora Face Mask Review

April 25, 2019
I've been seeing a spike of views on this post. I just wanted to note at the top that these face masks are for skincare, not a face covering to aid in preventing Covid-19. If you're looking for a face covering review, you're in the wrong place!

Any comments relating to or advertising those kind of face masks here will be deleted and marked as spam, since the commenter has clearly paid no attention to the post whatsoever.

Thank you!


The cucumber eye masks were cooling and refreshing on my undereyes. They weren't scented (at least not strongly), and when I took them off I do think my undereyes looked less puffy. However, I found the shape of them wasn't brilliant. I couldn't get them close enough to my eyes to feel like I had my whole undereye covered without them full on poking me in the eye. I imagine they took the average eye shape to measure the shape of the pads and mine didn't fit, but it made it uncomfortable and I felt as though parts of my undereyes were getting no benefit. To be honest, I think that real cucumber slices would have the same effect for far cheaper.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sheet mask. It is scented, but I really enjoyed the scent of pineapple; it was fruity and fresh and very pleasant. I also truly felt the benefit of this mask. Afterwards, my skin genuinely felt smoother and tighter, as though my pores had been closed up. I find that some face masks don't really feel like they do anything, but I was pleased to genuinely feel and see the benefit of this one.

A L O E   V E R A
This mask is either not scented or very lightly scented. I personally didn't notice a scent, but if your skin is extremely sensitive I'd advise caution on that front. Otherwise, if for whatever reason you prefer unscented skincare, this is the face mask I would feel confident recommending to you. It's soothing and cooling, and feels nice and refreshing on your skin.

I really liked the light coconut fragrance this sheet mask had, and it felt reasonably hydrating and soothing. That said, I've certainly used more impactful sheet masks, where I feel the benefit a lot more than this one. While I do think my skin felt good after using it, I think you could definitely find a sheet mask that feels like it does more for you than this one. But if you're just looking for a pleasant ten-fifteen minutes as opposed to skincare benefits out the wazoo, this is perfectly fine.

This mask disappointed me. It was my favourite of the scents; so light and subtle, but it really felt like it did nothing. My skin didn't feel majorly different after using this, and in terms of brightness, I didn't notice a difference. I'd buy it to smell it, but using it? Meh.

This face mask was really cooling and refreshing, but given the ambiguity of the benefits it claims to provide, it's hard to say whether it 'worked' or not. What does 'protecting and anti-pollution' look and feel like on the skin? Who can say? Regardless, the scent was pleasant and I enjoyed the cooling and refreshing feel to it. It also felt like there was more product in here than some of the others - it was wetter coming out of the packet and felt somehow more saturated. You possibly get a bit more bang for your buck with this one.


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