Bullet Journal | March 2019

March 17, 2019

Hello everyone!

Today's post is a look at my bullet journal set up for the month of March.

This month's theme is entirely based off the 'Peace 2018' stickers from EllieBeth Designs; the cute panda and calming colour scheme is carried throughout the month's pages.

My title page is definitely not my favourite. I think it looks cluttered and messy, but at least the stickers are pretty! The features that I do like are where I framed the 'March' with washi tape from the 'Peace 2018' collection, and used one of the wreath stickers to write 'start somewhere' in. I thought that was a very fitting little message to put in my bullet journal, which is of course full of to-do lists that I need to 'start somewhere'!

I like my 'Habit Tracker' and 'Goals' pages much more than the cover page this month. I saw this idea to fill the habit trackers with dots instead of numbers on Pinterest and I love it. It looks so much cleaner and streamlined. Underneath the title, I used some more washi tape, and in between the habit tracker boxes, I chopped up a big box sticker and used that as short strips of washi tape. This month the habits I'm tracking are 'meditation', 'singing', 'acting', 'dancing', 'running', and 'journalling'.
My 'Goals' page looks really neat in my opinion, and I love the way that panda and branch look as bookends to my three main goals. This month my goals are to 'journal more consistently', to 'take better care of myself', and to 'start consistent morning and night routines'. They all read a bit ambiguous but following a bad bout of anxiety I want to introduce better consistency and self care into my life, which is why I chose to focus on these.

Over the page, I wrote out my ideal 'Morning and Night Routines'. This is another idea taken from Pinterest. I don't have to stick to the exact times, or that exact order or whatever, but in a perfect world, this would be what I want my mornings and nights to look like. On the days when I've stuck to this, I've had such peaceful and calm mornings, and evenings that are perfect to unwind with. I also used the wreath stickers again to write 'good morning' and 'good night'; I felt that was a very cute way to decorate these otherwise simple pages!

On the next page, I decided to track how well I stick to my 'Skincare Routine', especially since I added it to my 'Nightly Routine' on the previous page. I did the same style of habit trackers that I used for my actual habits, but of course for this the titles are various parts of my skincare routine: 'cleanser', 'toner', 'moisturiser', 'eye cream', and 'face mask'. I have no intention of doing a face mask daily, but I thought it would be worth adding a tracker for it so I can see when I last did it.

For my daily to-do lists, I decided to do a horizontal spread, leaving some negative space at the top and bottom. I used pastel highlighters in green and pink to add a bit of colour to the days of the weeks and the dates. I also used an empty box to write the phrase 'you can do it' for a bit of positivity. I did this sort of spread last August and really liked how it looked, but it takes a little bit of calculating and planning to get the boxes evenly spaced and measured.

The notebook I use for bullet journaling is the Leuchtturm 1917 with dotted pages, and is available to purchase [here]. My favourite fineliners are the Uni-Pin fineliners, and you can see them used throughout this set up! They are available [here]. I used some pastel highlighters throughout this set up, and you can buy your own [here]. Finally, these stickers are called 'Peace', and are available [here].

So that's it for my set up this month. I find it really peaceful and concise, and have really been emjoying it so far this month. I hope you've found this post a good source of inspiration for your own bullet journal! To see some more ideas, follow my Pinterest board or have a look at my other bullet journal posts.

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