Bullet Journal | February 2019

March 07, 2019

Hello! In today’s post I will be sharing the layout and set up I’ve done for my bullet journal for the month of February. This month’s theme is colourful and flexible, and I hope you like it as much as I do!

My cover page features the name of the month written in a calligraphy style. I added in the bird houses above the title with the intention of using some stickers I have from EllieBeth Designs, but unfortunately I left them in England when I came back to Spain. I may add them later on when I get the chance. To balance out the page, I added the branch and leaves underneath and was really happy with how they came out. I wanted to make the page vibrant so I coloured in the leaves in some nice green shades and made the bird houses as colourful as possible.

In the top corner of my ‘goals’ page, I wrote the title and carried through the branches from the previous page. The bird houses act as bullet points for my three goals this month. This month, my goals are to be able to hold a plank for two minutes without stopping, to restart running and reach Week Four of the NHS ‘Couch to 5K’ podcast, and to start drinking protein shakes to add the building of muscles. All of my goals this month are related to fitness and strength, which was actually an accident but I like that my goals this month have a theme!

My habit trackers are laid out in my typical way, just my boxes that I fill in on the days that I do it. I’ve recently started tracking fewer habits, so that I can pay more attention to the ones that I’ve chosen. I find that when I have loads I forget what they are throughout the day and it just doesn’t work for me to track hundreds of habits. This month, the habits that I want to track are journaling, practising my singing exercises, doing stretching and flexibility exercises, and doing strengthening exercises. Most of these are linked to my course because I study musical theatre.

This month I have a couple of dates that are significant, so I wanted to do a calendar page so I could indicate where these dates are in the month, and also so I could mark in ongoing dates, such as my reading week (which is my half term from university) and my friend’s visit to Sitges as well. Sometimes it’s nice to have a calendar to track the days and dates of the month. Again, I’ve tried to add a bit of colour and connect it to the rest of the set up with the branches under the title.

This month, I’ve decided to do a running spread, which means that instead of laying out the boxes and spaces for each day in advance, I just write the next day’s to-do list underneath the previous. This means that I can take as much space as I need, so nothing feels cramped, and it also means that if I don’t have a long list or I don’t end up using my bullet journal one day, I’m not wasting space in the book with boxes that I’m not using. If you find that your weekly spreads are actually wasting a bit of space, this sort of layout can be a really good idea.

The notebook I use for bullet journaling is the Leachtturm 1917 with dotted pages, and is available to buy [here]. My favourite fineliners, which you can see in use throughout this spread are the Uni-Pin fineliners, available [here]. And my favourite colouring pencils are from WHSmith, and you can buy them [here].

I hope that this post has been a good source of inspiration for your own monthly spreads. If you did enjoy it, please share this post so other people can see it too!

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