Blue Dress OOTD

October 27, 2018

On Tuesday I shared a post featuring my 'Cruise' skirt from Lindybop. I thought I would continue the series with a look at this blue dress from Joanie. I saw Louise Pentland wearing the red version of this dress (which I also bought at the same time as this one hahahahaha someone stop me) and thought it looked gorgeous so I decided to pick it up!

The style is a basic shirt dress with tied sleeves and a ditsy floral pattern. It feels really lightweight and flowy which I love! I do find the collar sometimes flips out (it's got a trim that's supposed to go on the inside) but if I iron it down a bit that's not as much of a problem.

The dress itself comes up pretty small. I'm a UK dress size 14 and picked this up in a 14 and I find that there is quite a bit of gaping around the buttons, particularly in the chest area (granted, I'm well-endowed, but I've got other shirt dresses that don't have the same problem). For that reason, I'd recommend purchasing this in one size bigger than your usual size for the best fit.

It was a little bit chilly when I was taking the pictures for this post, so I threw on cardigan from Primark. I bought this last year but they've probably got some similar in at the moment! This is really cosy, and I think it doesn't look bad at all with this dress!

For shoes, I wore my grey Primark T-bar flats. They go really nicely with my cardigan, and match the pale cool tones in my dress as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you thought! If you want to see more posts like this, be sure to follow me on social media using the links in my sidebar to get updated when I post!

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