'So You Want to be in Musicals' by Ruthie Henshall Review

September 11, 2018
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

This book was on my reading list for drama school, and I think it was an excellent choice of book to start with.

It is simply laid out into five sections revolving around the Musical Theatre industry: Training, Auditioning, Rehearsing, Performing, and Working. This made the whole book easy to read, although I feel that the 'Working' section is not as useful to me at this stage as it will be later on, so I didn't take as much from that section as I did the others.

By far the two most useful sections for me currently were the 'Training' and 'Auditioning' sections, as of course they are the most relevant to me at this stage. That said, all the sections offer useful advice, and lots of helpful tips of things that seem obvious but may possibly be overlooked.

I thought that the style of writing was enjoyable. It's informative without coming across as condescending. As well as that, Ruthie Henshall came across authentically in the book; it felt as though I was taking valuable advice from a friend and mentor, as opposed to some pretentious, distant narrator. Parts are a tad repetitious, but I take this to mean that the author is stressing the importance of the point by repeating it, although I can see how that would be frustrating for some readers. However, the genuinely good advice includes personal anecdotes and helpful resources, which are a welcome addition.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, and it is a valuable addition to the reading list of any aspiring performers.

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