Show Makeup | 'Our House'

September 20, 2018

Today I wanted to showcase the makeup look I wore while playing Billie in 'Our House'. I adored this role because she's so different to myself; she's chavvy, brash, and outspoken, and it was a really fun and entertaining role to play.

The first thing I applied was my base. I started off with two primers. One was to smoothe my pores, and the other was to leave my skin with a tacky finish so the following layers of makeup would have something to stick to. 

When that had settled, I moved on to foundation. I used the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, which I feel is perfect for shows because it's so high coverage and lasts for ages. I don't like it for everyday use because it oxidises really badly, but that was actually perfect for this as I was playing a chavvy character. I actually mixed in a bit of the same foundation from one of my more tanned friends to make the shade darker so that I could get that hideous unblended line of foundation that doesn't match. Disgusting in real life - perfect for the role.

Following that, I applied concealer over my flaws and baked my undereyes and smile lines using loose powder. I applied a generous dusting of pressed powder on the other areas of my face.

At the time of the show, I hadn't yet learned how to do 'Instagram brows', so I had a friend apply my eyebrows for me. She used eyeshadow to apply bold and big brows, and I discovered that I loved this look on me! I don't do them quite as dramatic in real life, but I think I suit big dramatic brows, which was an interesting development.

After my brows were on, I brushed away the powder and applied some harsh contour and blusher using my Too Faced 'Sweet Peach Glow Kit'. I don't apply highlight for shows because the stage lights make it pure white and you end up looking like a ghost. To make the contour/bronzer darker, I used some of the matte brown shades towards the bottom of my Juvia's Place 'Masquerade' eyeshadow palette.

Moving on to eyes, I put down a base of the Urban Decay Primer Potion, and went for my Juvia's Place 'Masquerade' palette. I chose different colours every night, but I went for the bold and beautiful vibrant shades. I did a pink/purple look, a blue look, and a green look throughout the duration of the show. (This palette is incredible if you love bold and colourful looks by the way -  I use it on and offstage all the time.)

Next, I applied some winged liner, as well as a bit of pencil liner in my waterline. After that, I applied some ultra-dramatic false lashes, and a generous coat of mascara. To set all of my hard work in place, I used a generous amount of Urban Decay's 'Chill' setting spray, and finished up by applying some pink/nude lipstick that I don't think suits me in real life but is brilliant for a role like this.

As I said further up, I loved playing Billie. It's definitely a role I would return to in the future! I hope you're enjoying this series of makeup I've work for shows. Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments!

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