Show Makeup | 'Cinderella'

September 22, 2018
My favourite role I've played to date was Cinderella in a pantomime at Christmas. I was so so happy to live my dream of playing a Disney princess and I had a lot of fun doing it. I loved my makeup for this role as well, and I thought I'd tell you how I did it!

To start with, I applied a base of two primers. One was to smoothe my pores and fine lines, and the other was to make my skin tacky to help the makeup stay on better. Following that, I applied a light layer of foundation from Elizabeth Arden. Please note that this is not cruelty free so I won't be repurchasing it, however I bought it without knowing so I'm using it up. I will say that I genuinely love it, and it looks beautiful on the skin, however animals matter more to me than foundation.

I applied concealer to mask my flaws, and baked it using loose powder on my undereyes and smile lines. Over the rest of my face, I applied pressed powder to set my foundation and concealer in place. After brushing away the powder, I used my Too Faced 'Sweet Peach Glow Kit' to bronze my face lightly and apply a peachy blusher. I didn't use the highlighter because under stage lights it turns you into a ghost. To help the products sink into my skin and look more natural, I spritzed my Urban Decay setting spray over my face.

I kept my brows for this look nice and natural. I used a brow powder instead of my usual brow pomade to make it more subtle, and didn't go for that bold brow you see all over Instagram. I set the hairs in place using a clear mascara.

Following that, I applied my Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eyelids. I then went into a 144 shade palette from Makeup Revolution and applied lots of beautiful blue shades all over the lid. Not only is this typical for pantomime protagonists, it also reflected the ballgown my character is known for! I applied eyeliner over my upper lashline, and applied a black pencil liner to my upper waterline. On my lower waterline, I used a white pencil eyeliner to make my eyes bigger like a true Disney princess.

I applied some false lashes from Eylure that I was very excited to find - they were Cinderella inspired and perfect for this look! After that, I did a few layers of mascara and spritzed on some more setting spray.

On my lips, I applied some Too Faced Sweet Peach lipgloss in a pretty pink shade. The wig I wore for this role was from Annabelle's Wigs and I loved it!

I hope you've enjoyed this series of show makeup looks. I think I'll continue it for future characters! Feel free to leave any feedback you may have in the comment section below!

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