Little Lush Haul

September 01, 2018

The other day when I was in town with my mum, I couldn't help but pop into Lush, and I thought I'd show you the bits and pieces I bought here on my blog! My mum went for a bubble bar, and I tried to go for the entire store (of course), but I settled on just a few lovely things to keep me going!

The first thing I went for was a solid shampoo bar called Jason and the Argan Oil. It's designed to leave your hair soft and shiny, and I've used Argan Oil products on my hair before and loved the results. It apparently smells like their 'Rose Jam' scent but that's not too rosey to me. It's got a perfectly pleasant scent though!

The next thing I got was a solid conditioner. This one is the Sugar Daddy-O, and to be honest I'm concerned that it might affect my red hair colour, since it's technically designed for blondes. It was my favourite of the scents though, and I just plan on using a little bit and hoping for the best. One thing that I am hoping to work my way to is a plastic-free shower, so I am determined to make these solid conditioners and shampoos work for me, as it's a couple fewer plastic bottles on my part.

I love the Banana Hair Mask from The Body Shop, so I was drawn to this bottle of Hair Custard! It smells gorgeous, and is designed to hydrate and strengthen your hair, which I'm hoping will save my hair from the drying effects of sunshine and sea salt I'll be experiencing when I arrive in Barcelona for drama school! Honestly I'm just looking forward to smelling it all the time...

Of course I had to pick up my favourite bath bomb - Dragon's Egg. It fills your bath with gold lustre and confetti, and has a gorgeous, refreshing citrus scent. It's my go-to, which you'll know if you've read my blog for a while!

Another one of my favourites is the Twilight bath bomb, which is scented with Lavendar and is perfect to use before bed. I also love to use the Sleepy body lotion afterwards to really enjoy that sleep-enhancing scent!

The final thing I got is the Rocket Science bath bomb. I've never used it before, but I adore the citrusy scent and I've been told that it's designed to sort of whoosh around your bath water, which I think sounded really exciting! I'll have to see if that works!

So that's everything I got! I hope you've enjoyed reading this post, let me know in the comments what your favourite product is from Lush! And are there any hair products you recommend for a redhead (natural or otherwise)?

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