Bullet Journal | September 2018

September 04, 2018

I enjoyed blogging about my bullet journal last month (you can read that post here) and I wanted to do that again this month. This month's theme is based on this image which I found on Pinterest. I use Pinterest a lot for bullet journal inspiration, and actually have a board dedicated to it! You can follow that here. I loved the cosy feeling of the lanterns and stars from that image, and felt they would be perfect as we get into Autumn, and I also wanted to branch out into drawing more in my journal, so this reference image provided the perfect inspiration!

My title page was almost an exact copy of the Pinterest image. Of course I changed 'June' to 'September', otherwise my spread would be very confusing! Other than that though, they are pretty similar, and this is actually my favourite title page in my journal. I love that cosy feeling that this conjures up; it just makes me imagine sitting under a tree with hanging lanterns in while watching the sun set! I chose not to use a ruler for the straight-down lines for the lanterns, since I think that would have made it appear too structured, and the wreath that I did around the 'September' is four different circles with different types of waves, and I like the layered look of that.

Here is a look at the calendar that I put together, just to jot down significant dates (which there will be many of this month!) and other things that don't necessarily need to go into my weekly or daily to-do lists. I really loved the way the sort of draped stars and lanterns looked on the previous page, so I decided to continue that through on this one. If you were wondering how large I make the boxes, I have a dotted notebook and each day is three boxes along and four boxes down. That size fits really comfortably on the page and is still enough room to write what you need to in.

On the next page over, I wrote down this little quote. I had seen Mamma Mia 2 a few days before I started setting up the month of September, and had the song 'I Wonder' well and truly stuck in my head. That song and that quote feels really relevant to me this month because it's the month I'm moving to Spain and starting drama school! This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I need to remember to take advantage of and appreciate it. It did take me several times to get the 'lifetime' to fit neatly on the page, but once I worked it out I think it looks rather nice! I also liked the look of a bit of empty space underneath, so the quote and decorations only take up the top half of the page. It's an interesting layout that I personally enjoyed creating and looking at.

As I mentioned previously, this month I'm moving to Spain, so I decided to set up a packing list so I can tick things off as I pack them all. I actually did this spread before I started setting up the rest of the month, so I hadn't yet decided on a theme. Because of that, I think this spread looks slightly out of place, but I added a few stars around the borders of my lists to tie the pages in with the rest of the monthly layout. I thought that setting up various categories for my list was the easiest way to organise everything; I have 'Dance Shoes', 'Dancewear', 'Eqipment List', 'Extra Equipment', 'Clothes', 'Toiletries', 'Room Decor', 'Makeup', 'Essentials', and 'Documents'. We shall have to wait and see whether I forget anything, but with any luck I'll have all I need with me when I arrive!

Over the page, I have my goals for the month. They are all related to my move to Spain, because of course that's the massive thing for me to accomplish this month. My first goal is to pack for Barcelona, hopefully putting my packing lists to use so I remember everything! The next is to move to Spain, which I'll be doing completely independently as I'm leaving my mum in England. I'll consider that goal completed when I arrive at my accomodation in one piece! My final goal is to enrol at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, which will officially be happening on the 18th September. Fun fact about this page: I forgot to cross one of the 't's in goal three. Yes, it's bugging me too.

I decided to skip habit trackers for this month, since I knew it was going to be a bit chaotic and it would be hard to keep track of my habits. So I skipped forward to the weekly spreads, and I decided to do a running layout because again, some days will be hectic and I may not have time to fill out a to-do list. So to avoid wasting time and space, I decided to just write things in the journal as and when I feel like it using this more fluid layout. We'll see how I feel about next month.

Finally, here is a look at the tools I used to create this month's layout. On the packing list pages, I used coloured pencils. To map out what I was going for, I used a pencil from Kikki K that's the ideal softness for me, and is my go-to pencil, if that's a thing you can have! I used a 0.1mm fineliner for the fine details I drew, the 0.4mm for slightly chunkier drawings, and an 0.8mm fineliner for writing main titles and things that I wanted a little bit more thickness for. You can get my favourite fineliners [here]. The gold details are a metallic gold pen [get it here], and I draw the gold blobs before creating the fineliner outlines, because otherwise they don't show through the gold. My favourite notebook for bullet journaling is the Leuchtturm 1917 with dotted pages. You can get it [here].

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and that it's provided a bit of inspiration for your monthly spreads in your bullet journal if you have one! Thank you for reading, be sure to follow me using the links in my sidebar to see future posts like this one.

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