Morphe Haul | July 2018

August 24, 2018

Hello everyone!

Many of you may have seen that Beauty Bay are having a huge sale on Morphe products. It's because Morphe soon won't be available on Beauty Bay, because they're opening their own stores in the UK! The discounts are phenomenal, and I thought I would take advantage of them.

Nothing will ever thrill me more from Morphe than their beautiful palettes. I've raved before about their fantastic pigmentation and the number of versatile looks you can create using the 35 shades in them. I will continue to shout about these beautiful palettes until my face turns blue.

The two palettes that I picked up this time were the 35F Fall Into Frost palette and the 35P Plum palette, and they were each £14. In case you were wondering, that's INSANE value for money.

I picked up some of their false lashes as well. They're a little bit dramatic for my personal everyday wear, but I'm a theatre girl, and they'll be perfect for shows! The styles I got are called 'Posh', 'Luxurious', and 'Temptation', and they were discounted from £10 to £5.99.

Finally, I got some brushes. I use a lot of different colours on different days, so I'm constantly running out of blending brushes that are clean, and I won't blend pink shadow with a brush that's got a hint of blue on it! Because of that, I took advantage of this sale to get myself a few more blending brushes, which were between £2 and £3.

So that's a look at everything I got from the Beauty Bay Morphe sale! I know that by the time I publish this post, Morphe will be gone from Beauty Bay, but there are thousands of other gems to be found there, and soon Morphe will have their own site up and running in the UK!

What's your favourite thing in this haul? Let me know in the comments!

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