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September 13, 2017

This time of year I see a lot of people doing stationery hauls on their blogs and YouTube channels, and while I love to watch and read them, I've never really thought about doing my own just for the sake of it. However, I've recently bought a lot of stationery bits and bobs, and I thought a few of you might like a little look at what I've got!

WHSmiths Cat Folder
Even on a practical course like mine (I do Musical Theatre for those who don't know), there's a lot of writing involved, so it's always nice to have a folder to keep all your written work in. I love the design of this one, and I also love that its spine is rounded - it makes it much more comfortable to hold as you go between classrooms than the flat ones with harsh edges and corners. WHSmiths also have a good deal on packs of 50 plastic files, so it might be worth getting your folders and inserts there!

Stress Relief Colouring Book | Disney's Le Nouveau Bestiare Extraordinaire
I love adult colouring, and I love Disney, so when I spotted this lovely colouring book while at Disneyland in August, I had to take it with me! It's got all sorts of detailed designs, featuring Disney characters like Dumbo, Bolt, Ariel, Figaro, Pluto, and more! I'm sure that I'll really enjoy colouring in these beautiful drawings.

Paperchase Lined Notebook
I always like to have a new notebook for my next academic year, and I love this one from Paperchase. The geometric print is very distinctive, and I love the metallic touches. Of course you can just have a bog standard book of lined paper, but I quite like to have something a little bit more quirky and different. It also makes me happier to open it up and do my work when I've got a beautiful notebook!

La Dame a l'Icorne Blank Notebook
When in Paris, I went to see the beautiful tapestry of the Lady and the Unicorn. The tapestries were extraordinary and detailed, and I had to get plenty of souvenirs to keep it in my mind! I particularly like this blank notebook because it has little sections, separated by images from the tapestries. It means I can separate subjects easily, and enjoy even more details from the tapestries that I loved.

Chat Noir Lined Notebook
I love this poster of a black cat by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen and saw it in a lot places while I was in Paris. It really appeals to me as a crazy cat lady and lover of warm colours, so I decided to get this little notebook while at the Louvre art gallery. I think I might use it for making a note of things I need to remember at college, be it assignments or important dates.

Paperchase Stickers
Using stickers to brighten up a page of my bullet journal is something I love to do, so I went slightly mad in Paperchase. I got four sets of stickers:
- Smiley cacti stickers, wearing glasses, moustaches and more. I'm not obsessed with the cactus trend, but I do love this set of stickers.
- Little blobby monsters with googly eyes. I don't really know what they are, but I thought they were cute, so hey ho.
- Cute cats. I love the details on these stickers where all the cats are wearing little outfits or are adorned with flowers and things. They're beautiful!
- Watermelons! I love a good watermelon, and I love them even more with googly eyes.
These stickers will make the pages of my bullet journal really come to life, and I'm excited to start using them!

Kikki K Stickers
That's right, more stickers! These gorgeous stickers from Kikki K come in a two-pack, and were too adorable to pass. They have cats and dogs, bears, squirrels, butterflies, and all sorts! I think they're so cute and I love the sketchy design of them. These will also make a fantastic addition to my bullet journal!

Marie Pen
Marie is one of my favourite Disney characters, and I had to get this pen while wearing my Marie ears at Disneyland Paris! The design is really special, and I love the detail of the bejewelled bow in her hair!

Chip and Dale Pencil
I love to meet and greet Chip and Dale on Disney trips; they're so fun loving and playful that it's always a special experience! This pencil caught my eye as I thought it really captured their rambunctious nature and I just couldn't leave it in the shop!

La Dame a l'Icorne Bookmark
Another souvenir from The Lady and the Unicorn was this bookmark. I'm the sort of person who folds the corner of the page to mark my page (book lovers probably needed a trigger warning there), and I've been told off that many times for it that I thought it was time to get myself a bookmark to get everyone off my back! Now whenever I go to read a chapter or two I can remember that extraordinary tapestry!

Kikki K Cat Pencil Case
I'm sure that by now you all know that I am a cat person, so I just couldn't leave this cat pencil case in the store. I do wish it was slightly bigger, but I did manage to find room for everything I wanted. It's very nicely made, with solid seams and neatly embroidered facial details. Hopefully this will serve me well next year at college!

Kikki K Cat Badge
The pun on this badge was too sweet to pass up, and I think it looks lovely on my pencil case. It says 'I'm Feline Fine' on it, which I think is funny and cute, and the little face of the cat is just adorable. It is the purrrrrrrfect accessory!

Paperchase Holepunch
The notepad that I got from Paperchase doesn't actually have holes for putting the pages into files, so I thought a little holepunch that's easy to carry around like this one would be useful. The rabbit design is so quirky and sweet!

Paperchase Stapler
I often think I need a stapler - usually when there's not one in sight - so when I saw this sweet little ladybird stapler in Paperchase I thought it would be ideal! It's small enough to fit easily in my pencil case, and I love the ladybird design.

WHSmith's Lanyard
In college, I have to wear a lanyard with my ID badge on it, but to be honest I just wanted something a little bit more unique than the bog standard college ones! So I spotted this in the same range as my folder and decided just to pop my ID and bus pass on this.

Kikki K Ballpoint Pens
These pens have cute designs of cats and dogs, sewing supplies, and polka dots; i.e. EVERYTHING I LOVE! They write really smoothly and are really lovely to use as well. They're also black ink, which is what I need in life. I'm not a blue ink gal.

Kikki K Coloured Pens
I can't decide whether these pens are fineliners or what, but I thought these would be great to use in both my bullet journal and college work to add a bit of colour and fine details. They fit nice and snugly in my pencil case, and I think the colours are ideal!

Helix Foldable Rulers
It's always nice to use a ruler to underline your titles and things with, and I love this foldable one because it's so convenient - long, 30cm rulers are better in my opinion than the 15cm ones, but they're not always easy to fit in your pencil case. This can be made nice and compact to fit easily.

Paperchase Bear Highlighters
On a musical theatre course, I often need to highlight scripts and lyrics, and why not make that more fun with some lovely little bear friends?! This set of five contains orange, pink, blue, green, and yellow highlighters, each with individual bear designs. They were just too cute for me to pass up!

Paperchase Macaroon Rubber
I love macaroons, and I often need to rub out mistakes or construction lines in my drawings and typography designs! This cute little rubber was calling my name, and I just had to pick it up.

Kikki K Cat Paperclips
I sometimes find when I'm handing in college work that a paperclip would quite often be handy. I thought it might be useful to have some paperclips in the bottom of my pencil case for moments like that, and these ones in Kikki K caught my eye. They look like little cats! How could I resist?

So that's all of the stationery that I've bought recently. As you can see, it's a lot, but stationery is the sort of thing that we all use a lot of, so I'm sure nothing will go to waste. I have a bullet journal, and I'm still in full time education, so I'm always needing bits like this! What was your favourite bit of stationery from my haul?

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  1. Haaaaj Hannah, love your site... twee weeks ago I bought the pencil of chip 'n dale ...just like yours... but its lost :( ... There is no place on the internet where I can find this pencil....Maybe you know where to find a new pencil (i'm from the Netherlands) maybe in the UK there is such a pencil that I can buy? Kind regards Ankie


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