Realistic, Quick and Easy Back to School/College Makeup Look

September 20, 2017

If you're hoping to find a look that will suit your needs when you go back to school or college this September, you're in the right place. Not every school permits makeup but if you want to wear it, I have a very natural look that's practically undetectable. I actually timed myself doing this, and it took no longer than 6 minutes, which is ideal for those of you who like a lie-in!

1. Use a little bit of colour corrector. I use yellow to cancel out purple undereyes, green to cancel out redness (this also works over things like spots), and a little bit of lilac where my skin looks dull and yellow. You can also use peach/orange if your undereyes are more blue than purple. I think this colour correcting kit from Barry M is excellent.

2. Apply a bit of concealer and blend it with a damp beauty sponge. I like the Real Techniques one, or this one from Boots. If you'd like a high coverage concealer, try this one from Collection, or for something a little bit lighter, this one from Seventeen is a good one as well. I use concealer on my undereyes and on any blemishes. If you want to use foundation, apply it before your concealer, but if you'd rather not wear foundation then concealer on its own looks just fine!

3. Set your concealer (and foundation if you're wearing it) with a translucent powder. This one from Collection is great.

4. Apply a little bit of blush for a healthy bit of colour. I used one from No7 here, but Makeup Revolution have a lovely collection of blushes. Try to use a matte blush, as shimmer would be a bit obvious and could get you in trouble if you aren't allowed to wear makeup.

5. Fill in your eyebrows with a brow powder. I normally use a brow pomade, but I think it's better to be a bit more subtle in school in case your school is strict about makeup! I use this one from Freedom in the shade dark brown.

6. Apply a little bit of mascara. Avoid volumising mascara, as these can be clumpy, which is such a giveaway when you aren't allowed makeup in school. Instead, try a lengthening mascara like this one from Barry M.

7. If you'd like, apply a little bit of a nude lipstick. Of course if you think you'd get in trouble for this then skip this step, but I think it's the perfect finishing touch! I used this one from Makeup Revolution.

And there you have it. This is a subtle, natural look, which is perfect for those of you whose school isn't too lenient about wearing makeup. It's also really quick to do so you don't have to get up extremely early in the morning. If you'd prefer something a little bit more, look out for the next tutorial in this series!

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  1. I love this post!That's the concealer that I use (ayy) and they actually do colour correcting versions of it -lemon, lilac and a green one. I use the yellow/lemon one as normal concealer and sometimes mix it with the lightest shade of the normal concealer as it's too orange for me! deffo need to invest in a lilac brightening powder and a matte blush...y'know, when I'm not a broke uni student.


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