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August 19, 2017

Today I wanted to my first ever Outfit of the Day, featuring this gorgeous 'Peggy' skirt from Lindybop!

I'm really into vintage, 50s-inspired clothing. I love the classic silhouette and I like not feeling particularly exposed (I used to wear miniskirts and low cut tops and found them comfortable to wear, but sometimes I got stares from creepy men and that was less than okay!) so I'm really drawn to these styles of dresses and skirts where the skirts come to below the knee, and the tops I wear are typically quite high-necked!

full outfit

Lindybop is my favourite place to look for clothes because their garments really fit my personal style. They have a huge range of prints, from traditional florals to quirky space unicorns, so there really is an outfit for everyone on there. I'm often trawling through the sale section to find myself a vintage-inspired bargain.

circle skirts have a lot of swing!

It was in the sale section that I found this delightful skirt. The style is called 'Peggy', and is a full 50s circle skirt. If you don't know what I mean by that, the fabric is literally cut in a circle, or two semi-circles, for a lovely swing to the garment. Circle skirts were all the rage in the 1950s because fabric was rationed during the second world war due to a lack of supplies. After the war, as rationing began to come to an end, more fabric was available, and what's the best way to celebrate copious amounts of fabric? By using as much fabric as you can, of course!

close up of the print

The print is called 'Egyptian Cats'. I'm a crazy cat lady, so the lovely little kitties all over this skirt really took my fancy. The autumnal orange hue also made a great match for my recently ginger hair! Unfortunately this print is out of stock now, but they may bring it back, so keep an eye out for it! The skirt in this print can be found {here}, and there's also a dress in the same print {here}. If you like the look of the 'Peggy' skirt style, you can find it in a range of prints and colours {here}.

full outfit

Plain black t-shirts are a staple, and with good reason. They are extremely versatile and go with pretty much anything. This particular one in from New Look, and while I couldn't find the exact same one, I found one very similar {here}. I like longline shirts in particular, because I hate that awful gap between someone's jeans and t-shirts when they sit down or bend over, and the extra length on a shirt like this removes that issue! I also feel more comfortable with a high neckline, as I am well endowed and it can make more low cut tops look a bit obscene!

my brogue shoes

I bought these brogue shoes from Clarks years ago, and they still have the same style, just not in quite the same colour. {Here} is a link for you to have a look and see if any of the colours take your fancy. These shoes are incredibly comfortable; they don't rub at all, and they have a little cushioned pad where the ball of your feet go so you are well supported yet padded for comfort. The brogue style works perfectly with a vintage-inspired look like this as well.

you can juuuuuust see my earring

My necklace and earrings are from Warren James. They are sterling silver with cubic zirconia crystals. I wear these a lot because they are lovely and sparkly, but still quite small and subtle. I wear bold makeup and I like prints, so I don't ever really wear statement necklaces or chunky jewellery - something a bit more understated helps to balance things out. {Here} is a link to the earrings, and {here} is a link to the necklace.

painted nails

Finally, I'm trying to grow my nails nice and long, so I've been keeping them painted. This is the Barry M Coconut Infusion polish in the shade 'Oasis'. It's an incredibly glossy, deep purple shade, that's supposed to nourish and hydrate your nails. You can find it {here}. I added a little gem to my index finger. I found similar gems {here} if you'd like some.

full outfit

I'd like to say an absolutely massive thank you to my friend Bethany Wright for taking and editing the photos for this post, I'm sure my readers will agree that you really showed off the outfit and its details (and I can only apologise for the number of times I flashed you when we were trying to get the skirt in motion!) To see more of Beth's photography, {here} is her Instagram, and to get to know her better, {here} is her blog!

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it!


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