Cruelty Free Empties Selection

August 23, 2017

I've had a hoard of products in a drawer that I was going to write an Empties post about ages ago, but I honestly completely forgot! However, I recently found the products again and I'm happy to share a selection of products that I've used up fully, showing you just how much I enjoyed them.

I bought this sea salt spray to give my hair some shape and volume back when it was long. Sea salt spray texturises your hair, giving you beachy waves without heat or curlers. I just sprayed it onto dry hair and scrunched it in my hands, and got lovely looking waves in my hair! One thing I really loved about this was that it smelled lovely, and the scent remained in my hair afterwards which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I loved what this conditioner did to my hair. Like my skin, my hair and scalp can get very dry, and I found this conditioner to be extremely hydrating. My hair looked and felt softer and less straw-like. Also, when my hair was long, it got split ends very easily. This conditioner seemed to keep my hair healthier for longer, meaning my split ends weren't as obvious.

This makeup remover and cleanser was a dream to use. The last thing you want to be doing when removing makeup, particularly eye makeup, is scrubbing at your skin. A little bit of this on a cotton pad seemed to melt my makeup off my face, very gently and effectively removing it. It did a thorough job without ever irritating my skin.

This is literally the only cruelty free drugstore concealer light enough for me. The only one. Of course I love it. It blends nicely, and although I want slightly higher coverage, it does its job. Pale ladies, if you're in need of a concealer that actually matches, it might be worth looking into this!

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel (limited edition)
I typically don't like the smell of rose, but for some reason I really loved this. It was sweet and floral, but not ridiculously strong. I also found that it lathered fairly well, which is something that I don't normally find with Lush shower gels. I think this particular shower gel was limited edition, but I'm sure it will be back again.

Honestly I wasn't terribly keen on the scent of this, but I know that many people love Lush's Karma scent so that's probably just me! I found this to be extremely hydrating. It did take a little while to sink into my skin, but once it did, my skin felt soft, smooth, and moisturised.

This bright blue scrub was great to use after shaving. It removed dead skin cells, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth (honestly when I shaved and then used this I would NOT stop stroking my legs. It wasn't drying and it wasn't so rough that it was painful. I thoroughly enjoyed using this exfoliating scrub.

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner
I genuinely only bought this because I loved the smell; it reminded me of the foam banana sweets that I love. When I used this, my hair was left feeling soft and silky, and looked shiny and more voluminous. The smell I loved stayed with me after using this, and the effect they had on my hair was fantastic. If you're looking to get more life into your hair, this could definitely be worth trying.

What products have you used up recently?

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  1. I've been wanting to try that Body Shop cleansing oil. I think I would really like it.


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