Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!! | The Weekly Update #3

July 23, 2017

This week I have been hard at work updating my blog. I wanted something fresh and bright, and fully unique to me. Previously, I'd downloaded a simple black and white theme, but recently I'd come to think that was pretty similar to many blogs out there, and while there's nothing wrong with that, I felt something a bit different would be more personal.

So I changed pretty much everything about my blog - I updated all of my pages, changed the background to this gorgeous floral print, updated the colour scheme, added new titles to the first page of posts so everything looks harmonious.

My blog design is now much more my cup of tea. It reflects my love of nature in the use of flower images, and with being more bright and colourful it feels like more of a pleasant little place to be on the internet. My friend, Beth Wright, also made me the subject of a photoshoot earlier this week, and I thought I'd make good use of those photos by updating all of my profile images. You'll see more of her beautiful photos in an upcoming post.

To match my blog, I updated all of my social media as well. I made new banners for my Facebook page, Twitter, and Tumblr, and everything uses my new profile images as well!

I'm chuffed to bits with my newly beautiful blog and brand, and to celebrate, I took the leap to go self-hosted here on Whoops It's Hannah! That means that instead of '', by blog domain is ''. It's like having a fully fledged website, and it just feels a bit more professional and permanent.

You may notice that ads now appear on my blog. This is because I've tried again with Google Adsense. When I first turned 18, I signed up for Adsense but could not get it working for the life of me. I reapplied a few months ago after deleting my account, but was rejected. After my hefty redesign, I thought I'd try again, and was accepted in literally less than a day. This time, I took more care with installing the code and implementing my ads, and it finally works! I hope you don't mind the ads appearing here, I just would love to be able to use my blog for a little bit of extra income.

Speaking of extra income, I GOT A JOB! An actual, fully official job. Some of you may know that I am a Body Shop at Home consultant, and I will still be doing that, however, I'm now a proud retail assistant in my local Primark. I applied last week, was invited for an interview on Wednesday, and on Friday morning I had an email to say that I was successful! I'm honestly so happy. I've applied to many places over the years and have become more than accustomed to rejection, but I was beginning to think there must be something wrong with me if I'm seriously that unappealing to employers. It looks like I was just waiting for the right opportunity to come along!

I hope you've all had a lovely week, let me know what you've been up to in the comments!


  1. girl i LOVE the freshness of this blog, so many blogs are minimalist these days (...guilty as charged!) and yours really stands out! HOW good does blog revamping feel?! i always kinda fall back in love with my blog when i've given her a lil tender love and care haha.

    congrats on the new job! primark homeware is the can be surrounded by it all day - hoorah!

    katie. xx

    1. Thank you Katie! I do love minimalist blogs, but I'm a pattern lover at heart and I love that my blog reflects that! I completely relate, it makes me want to write tonnes more posts to fill my lovely new blog! :P

      Thank you, I had my induction last weekend and really enjoyed it.


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