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July 27, 2017

There is a massive trend at the moment for 'Anti Hauls', which are basically a list of products that the content creator will not be buying for whatever reason. I think it is really interesting to read about the things other members of the online beauty community aren't interested in and their reasons for that, so I thought I would put together my own Anti Haul to share with you.

I will apologise in advance that this post is very blunt and direct in its delivery. I don't normally tend to be negative, but I do think that honest opinions are very valuable, so here are mine.

1. Anything from Jeffree Star
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Jeffree's products do intrigue me. They all look very good, with a wide range of shades, they're extremely pigmented, people have rave reviews about the quality of the formulas. However, I just can't get behind the brand, and that is due to Jeffree Star himself.

The first thing that really made me pay attention to Jeffree Star was when he 'called out' Too Faced Founder Jerrod Blandino earlier this year. Jerrod made a comment about Tarte copying Too Faced's unicorn inspired products, saying 'There are no unicorns in the Amazon' (this is a reference to Tarte's Amazonian Clay collection). While the comment struck me as rather clever and witty, for some reason Jeffree Star went off on a Snapchat rant, 'spilling tea' without actually revealing anything about Too Faced. The whole thing struck me as immature, unprofessional, and unnecessary. Jeffree, I think if Tarte were affected by the comment, they could stick up for themselves. At around the same time, he called out Too Faced for underpaying Nikkie Tutorials in their collaboration. A contract would have been made and agreed to well before the two collaborated. If Nikkie was unhappy with the amount she was paid, she could have spoken up herself. Jeffree Star has no right to comment on her earnings and her dealings with Too Faced. It's inappropriate to discuss someone else's private business in that way.

After this I started to look more into Jeffree Star, and I learned of several incidents that turn me away from him and his brand. When a YouTube reviewer RockyRoadKill received a broken highlighter, he asked Jeffree's customer service team to send a new one. They refused, saying it wasn't a fault with the product and he should have handled it more carefully. RockyRoadKill then made a video about it, under which Jeffree left a rude comment, sending his loyal followers after RockyRoadKill. Jeffree later admitted that he never watched the entire video to get the full scope of what was happening. The whole thing struck me as disgraceful. Jeffree clearly cannot handle criticism if he has to lash out at a fan who supported his business, sending hundreds of hateful fans in their direction. The issue could easily have been resolved privately.

Jeffree also made awful comments and allegations against an Instagram makeup artist, Makeup By Shayla. He claimed that she called another woman's face 'disproportionate', and when she denied this, he called her a 'c*nt' and a 'h*e' on Snapchat, implied she was an alcoholic on Twitter, and threatened to 'beat [her] to the f*cking ground'. Once again, something that should have been discussed and solved in private was dragged all over social media by Jeffree Star. His tweets have been deleted, but screenshots are a thing, Jeffree.

After YouTuber Jackie Aina spoke about her views towards Jeffree's attitude to people of colour, he referred to her as 'an irrelevant rat'. He also made a comment saying 'speak to me when our bank accounts match', implying that she was broke and her opinions didn't matter because she doesn't make as much money as him.

The final thing I'm going to mention about his character (although I could go on all day) is video footage of him using racial slurs such as 'n****r', referring to a person of colour as an 'ape', calling someone a 'poor Mexican', and joking about throwing battery acid in a black woman's face to lighten her skin tone so her foundation matched.

From a businessman and influencer, I would expect much better than ignorant, hurtful comments towards people of colour.

Finally, I've heard one or two things about his lipsticks being flammable, and his highlighters being very breakable due to being spread thin in the pan to look bigger. As if his inability to keep his mouth shut wasn't enough to put me off, that did it.

2. Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette
The Naked Heat palette was released earlier this month, and is a continuation of the Naked palettes, this time with many warm-toned, reddish shades. To begin with, many people complained that the swatches looked terrible. They weren't wrong; they weren't pigmented and looked incredibly ashy and just not nice at all.

However, I saw a video where Tommy Halbert's opinion was completely changed when he actually used the product on he eyes to discover that shadows were actually pigmented, blendable, and overall beautiful.

I have no doubts now that the palette is good, and I think it has some beautiful shades. I just think I really don't need yet another warm toned palette. I have my Morphe 35F Fall Into Frost, as well as the 35OS Nature Glow palette, and it would just be completely unnecessary for me to buy Naked Heat on top of those two. My Morphe ones have more shades that look incredibly similar to Naked Heat's, and overall it just seems unnecessary to me.

3. Too Faced Natural Love Palette
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At first I was very taken with this palette; I thought that it had a beautiful shade range and would be perfect for spring and summer.

Now though, after reading and watching reviews, I've put this on my DO NOT BUY list.

It doesn't look very pigmented at all, and it seems difficult to blend. And I've noticed that several of the shades look exactly the same. Cutie Patootie and Honeymoon look like dupes for each other. As do Pink Cheeks and Poodle. Oh, and Dear Diary and Coffee Date. Fingers Crossed and Undercover. Satin Sheets and Lace Teddy.

This palette is £52, and doesn't appear to be very good quality, and what's more, half of the shades are identical to each other! Some of the identical ones are right next to each other in the palette as well - THEY'RE NOT EVEN TRYING TO DISGUISE IT!

Overall, I'm just unimpressed, and absolutely do not think it's worth its price.

4. MAC Lipsticks
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When I was first looking into high end makeup products, MAC lipsticks looked gorgeous. They have an enormous shade range, and a range of finishes. I also loved that all of their packaging is identical, so they'd look beautiful displayed on a vanity. Truly, there is a MAC lipstick to suit everyone and every occasion, and that's really impressive.

However, after researching animal testing, I'm glad I never bit the (lipstick) bullet.

MAC sell their products in China, and China have a law that insists that imported products must be tested on animals before they can be sold there. Many companies do not sell their products in China for this reason. They see it for what it is: unnecessary and cruel, and even though the thought of the added profit is compelling, the company would rather stick to their conscience and keep their cruelty free status.

Not MAC.

No, they have decided to sell their products in China. That was their choice. However, in making that choice, they chose profits over compassion, and lost many potential customers like me who prefer their mascaras and lipsticks not to have been anywhere a bunny's eyes.

Unless MAC decide to pull their products from the Chinese market, therefore refusing to bow to such cruel laws, I will not be purchasing from them.

5. KKW Contour Kit
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I must admit I don't follow the Kardashians particularly closely, but as a beauty blogger I am well aware every time they do something. Kim Kardashian-West has produced a Contour Kit for Kardashian fans to get the contoured look she's famous for.

While the product does look very good, with excellent pigmentation, a creamy consistency, and a nice blend for a beautiful contoured look, there's one huge issue that I just can't get over:

You get 3.6g of product for $48. Come on now.

Stephanie Nicole did a review of this where her damn fingernail was longer than the contour and highlight sticks when they were rolled all the way up. Add to that the reports of the highlight being incredibly hard to blend, and the brush that comes with it being impossible to use, and we have yet another product that I will not be wasting my money on.

Either double the amount of product you include or halve the price. Then we'll talk, KKW Cosmetics.

6. Lancome Rose Highlighter
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I'm not going to lie to you: I think this product is beautiful.

If you haven't seen this, it's essentially a fake rose in a box with highlighter dust sprinkled over it. When I first saw it, I thought the rose itself was made out of highlighter, but that isn't the case. It's dusted with 1.94g of highlighter powder. That's it.

The shade is beautiful, and I love the natural dewy look it gives skin, but £35 for that little product is a joke. If they produced the powder in a more reasonable weight, I'd be all over it, as I do think the highlighter itself is beautiful, but in its current packaging it is a gimmick, and after ten applications, you'd just have some pretty packaging for your vanity.

7. Too Faced Glitter Bomb Eyeshadow Palette
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I get what Too Faced are going for with this, I do. And I think that the bases of black and white for different results are a clever idea. Unfortunately, I don't feel Too Faced took as much time into the development to make this product really special.

Swatches don't impress me. They don't look very pigmented, and they don't look very glittery. They have a slight shimmer to them, but if that was what Too Faced were going for they'd have called it 'Shimmer Bomb'. I would have loved to see some ultra pigmented, ultra sparkly glitters, applied over the white base for a bright look and over the black base for a dramatic look. It just doesn't work for me.

I'm also not impressed with the colours. It would have been wonderful if they'd taken the colours from the packaging and had those in the palette. The deep amethyst colour of the 'I' would make a gorgeous shade, as would the sapphire of the first 'T'. The emerald and topaz of the 'E' and the 'R' would also make for some really unique eyeshadow shades that you don't really see from many brands. All of the jewel tones on the lid could translate beautifully to glittery shadows, and yet we got four shimmery pink/purple shades in an 8-shade palette.

Overall, I think this palette is a great idea in theory, but needs some work in practice. Another six months of development and thought, and it could have been brilliant. The whole thing seems a bit rushed and like it wasn't thought about thoroughly.

8. Anything from Kylie Cosmetics
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Everyone and their gran raves about the Kardashians/Jenners, but I honestly just don't need to know what they're up to every day of their lives. I just don't car. That said, I have huge respect for Kylie Jenner for building her business and her brand.

I really do not see the big fuss about Kylie's Lip Kits. The quality looks no better than any other matte lipstick out there, and yet everyone is willing to spend almost $30 a pop. I'm seriously unimpressed with the shade range as well. I had a look on the website and there are 7 in shades of red or purple. There are 17 nude or pink shades. Why is everyone excited about new launches from this brand? I predict the next launch will have three new variations on the seventeen existing nudes! WHOOO! Please Kylie, show a little bit of versatility.

From what I've seen, Kylie's cosmetics are overpriced for what they are. You don't get much product, it frequently arrives broken or incorrect, and it's drugstore quality. Many of her fans are teenagers, and it just seems like such a huge ask to charge nearly $100 for three lipsticks.

I also think that by now she should have looked into having a UK depot somewhere. The delivery prices, customs charges, wait times, and likelihood of broken products for UK customers is ridiculous.

9. Natasha Denona Sunset Palette
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Hey everyone, do you want to spend $129 on a 15-pan palette?

Me neither.

Unless the pigment for these shadows is made from ground up gold and diamonds.

That is all.

So there are nine things that will not be receiving my money for a whole host of reasons. Of course my opinions may not be the same as everyone else's, but I hope I've offered enough justification to avoid upsetting people who disagree with me!

Are there any products that you don't think you'll be purchasing any time soon?


  1. I wanted a Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, but yeah after seeing his racist comments (even though he apologized), I can't support him. Especially because my husband is half Mexican. I won't get the Naked Heat palette because though it's beautiful, I have a lot of palettes that have similar shades! I've also ready 2 bloggers that decided to sell theirs. I agree with everything on the list except Kylie cosmetics (I love her liquid lipsticks)


    1. It's so difficult to forgive things like that, regardless of an apology. Time will tell whether he really meant it! I can see how your husband being half Mexican would make it even more difficult!
      If only they'd released it six months earlier, when we didn't all have such huge 'warm toned palette' collections. I think it would be so much more successful.
      That's fair enough, we all have different opinions, and I probably shouldn't share mine without actually trying them!


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