The Biggest Shoe Wishlist You've Ever Seen

June 11, 2017


Some of you may know that I love Irregular Choice's shoes. Some of you may also know that I am a fan of window-shopping. Well, I went onto the Irregular Choice site for a cheeky window internet shop and thought I could compile a hefty wishlist for you to peruse! I love Irregular Choice for their quirky designs and bold colours. I wear a lot of vintage-inspired clothing, and a lot of their shoes evoke that vintage feeling, so they're perfect for little ol' me. Here's a look at (possibly) the biggest shoe wishlist you've ever seen, showing off all of the shoes I want from Irregular Choice. I'd recommend you grab a brew and a biscuit - this is going to be a long 'un.

I love the colour mustard and think it suits my skintone well. The lilac hints go well with it. The floral print around the top of the shoe adds to the elegance of the design, as does the little bow, while the colour choice and metallic dots make it modern.

Everyone needs flats, and everyone needs sparkles. Why not have both with this modern design? I love the contrast between the areas with pattern and the areas without. Another feature I love is the large, tulle ribbon fastening. Make your laces truly a part of your ~lewk~ with these!
I love love love the design of this shoe, with an elegant t-bar and delicate tilt at the tow. The bow is precise and pretty, and the heel is the perfect height to add a bit of class without being uncomfortable. I love the floral print, and while pale colours aren't always the most practical choice for shoes, I love the colour scheme of muted pinks and greens.
The scallop detail at the top of this shoe is a lovely little feature that stands out to me as much as the bold heart pattern. A pair of black heels is essential in anyone's wardrobe, and why not make them funky and fabulous like these? You've got black and white hearts, glitter heels and bows, and a beautifully designed shape. (And the name of the shoe is perfect for a musical theatre student like me *wink!*)
Ohmygosh I have been in love with these shoes for aaaaaaages. Does this not just scream summer?! From the gorgeous flower on the toe, stunning floral print, bright yellow and hints of navy and burgundy (my favourite colour, if you were wondering), this is a shoe I need in my life.
These remind me of a muted version of the previous shoes I shared, Summer Sands. I love the botanical print, and the combination of colours from coral to blue, yellow to lilac. I think the colour scheme is lovely and the design feels vintage and elegant.
These shoes don't shy away from their colours. If you ask for royal blue and mustard, you're getting royal blue and mustard. I think the contrast between the prints and the colours is really bold, and the ribbon laces are a nice touch.
How gorgeous are these? Black, white, and red are a classic combination, and you can see why with these shoes, The floral print is lovely and youthful, as is the ribbon-style lace, but the design itself echoes vintage styles.
I love brogue-style shoes, and these are no exception. While I could do without the hearts on the laces, I love the combination of metallic gold, abstract print, and black. I think that these have just the right amount of fun while still not attracting too many stares in everyday life.
The most simple pair of shoes on my wishlist, I think the navy colour is very wearable; I already own a lot of navy clothes. The polka dot pattern and scallop design make it just quirky enough to attract attention without being overbearingly loud.
As I said before, I love brogues. A good pair of black brogues can sometimes look like school/work shoes, but the pop of floral print and polka dot pattern stops that being the case with these. I think these shoes are very wearable; they're flats, so not uncomfortable, not too loud, but they're still quirky and well designed to give you the fun factor.
A nice pair of sandals can never go amiss in the run up to the summer months. This pair of red shoes would look lovely with a navy summer dress or swimming costume. I love the flower on the front, as well as the floral print inside. And red is always a bold and exciting choice.
I have loved the floral Doc Martins for a long time, so I was pleasantly surprised to see these on the Irregular Choice website. I think the print is beautiful, it looks very vintage. I also love the ribbon lace detail. These are the kind of boots that look cool with dresses and skirts as well as with jeans, so I like to think I'd get a lot of wear out of them.
Again, these boots would look lovely with both dresses and jeans. I love the old-worldy feel they have with the large rivets for the laces and the embroidery. They feel very steampunk, and remind me of the shows War of the Worlds and Wicked for their quirky, steampunk-inspired design. Also, because their main colour is black, they'd look good with the majority of things in your wardrobe.
So there you have it, a huge wishlist I have of Irregular Choice shoes. Exhausted? I certainly am. I hope you've enjoyed this post. If you have, let me know with a comment below! Which were your favourites?

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