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June 02, 2017

Hello everyone!

Today I'd like to share with you some blogs that I think you will enjoy this month. If you want to add to the list of blogs you follow, or find some new ones to love, then you're in the right place! Of course a lot of these are beauty blogs like mine, but there are a few others scattered in there in case you want to extend your blog reading further!

Amy's blog description is 'Mental Health, Books, Beauty, and Bad-Assery', and she certainly lives up to that. She uses her blog to document her mental health through her beautifully honest poems (my favourite is 'Nothing Confuses Me' - it really struck a chord) and other posts; she's written some informative book reviews; she shares product reviews and recommendations (even the history of products, in some cases), and outfits with a distinctive dainty yet edgy style that I love. Her recent post for helping dry and damaged hair is something I've bookmarked on my laptop - I need everything she recommended, since my hair has also been bleached a fair few times now and I can definitely feel it. Finally, she's just generally a badass. Every day she looks for the positive, even if her mental health isn't feeling the same. Her photography is pretty bad-ass too. Follow her on Instagram to see lots of it!

Talonted Lex
Lex started her blog to talk about nail care and nail art, and her nail art posts still reflect that passion. She is constantly coming up with lovely new nail art ideas, from polka dots and gradients, to bees and camouflage. Each is unique, and I find her tutorials easy to follow and replicate. As well as nail art, she also shares a lot of posts about her skin condition, rosacea. She explains what it is, as well as sharing reviews of products to help other people with rosacea. She talks about skincare to help soothe it, and foundations to help cover it (if that's what you want to do). She shares her 'Friday Faves', talking about everything she's loved recently from entertainment to beauty. If you want a blogger full of honesty and creativity, you've found it here.

Voice of Vera
Vera's blog is very new (her first post was in April!) but already she is proving herself to be a talented blogger. She has shared a recipe for a delicious looking Chocolate Acai Smoothie Bowl, which I would love to try. Not only is it tasty, it's also extremely good for you. She has also shared some OOTDs, which I love. They are classy and elegant, but still fun, which a style I try to emulate myself. See how Vera styles a bold blue floral dress and a beautiful rose duster. Side note: that rose duster reminds me of the cloaks you see in dramatic fantasy drama; I'd like to see it worn while riding a horse through the forest. She has also shared a detailed review of a face mask I now really want to try, since it sounds fantastic! Finally, she posts some things that are a bit more personal, the true 'voice of Vera'. Her post about missing her mom was incredibly touching.

So there are three blogs that I think you might enjoy! Let me know your recommendations for bloggers to follow in June in the comments!

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