Bella Beauty Eyeshadow Review

May 13, 2017

Hello everyone!

I am in a lot of makeup groups on Facebook, and I saw someone post swatches of the eyeshadows they were selling. I was impressed, and popped onto their Facebook page for a closer look. The page was Bella Beauty, a new brand who have only just started making cream eyeshadows. At the moment, they have 7 shadows to choose from. The pigmentation in the photos, as well as the fact that the shadows were waterproof, really caught my eye, and I decided to order three shadows to try for myself. I did this by messaging the seller on Facebook and doing a transfer on PayPal, but Bella Beauty now has an Etsy store for their shadows. Here's what I think of Fawn, Chocca Mocha, and Bella Rose!

The first shadow I tried was Fawn. This is very pigmented and is a pretty golden brown shade. However, as you may be able to see from the side by side photo above, it is a slightly different consistency to the other two. It is more liquidy and less dense. This made it fairly hard to apply, as it was hard to blend out and went on sort of streaky. However, using less product resulted in a better application, and I stirred the product around in the pot a bit with my brush and found that this improved the consistency. It's possible that it may just have separated slightly. Overall, I thought the pigmentation was excellent, and it had a nice amount of shimmer in it. However, I think the formula could use some work.

Next I tried Chocca Mocha. Unlike Fawn, this was solid and neat in the pot, in fact at first I thought it was a pressed powder. It's a much denser cream that goes on a lot smoother. I love the colour of this. It's a rich, deep, chocolatey brown with lots of shimmer. Again, the pigment is fantastic, which is what you want from such a gorgeous colour - you want to see it! Overall, it applied beautifully, is a gorgeous colour with a good amount of shimmer, is very pigmented, and a good product in my opinion.

The final shade I got was Bella Rose, a true burgundy red. Y'all know I love my burgundy, so of course I was going to get this shade! Again, it's a lovely colour that's really pigmented, and it went on nice and smoothly, like Chocca Mocha. It's also fairly dense in the pot when compared to Fawn, which I like. The consistency of both Bella Rose and Chocca Mocha is a lot nicer to work with. Overall, I'd say Bella Rose is great for those of us who love our red/burgundy eye looks, is just as pigmented as the other two, and applies smoothly due to its dense, creamy consistency.

From top to bottom - Bella Rose, Chocca Mocha, Fawn

One thing I felt a bit unsure about with all three shades was that they had a slight unpleasant smell, particularly Fawn (possibly due to the separation). I think a few drops of essential oil wouldn't go amiss in these formulas, and would be a good idea for the brand to try. For example, Bella Rose could be scented with rose essential oil, Chocca Mocha with chocolate (if chocolate essential oil is even a thing!) I feel that this could add a luxury feel like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette has, as well as mask the slight smell they have.

My overall view of Bella Beauty is very positive. The contact I recieved was friendly, professional, and helpful, and the buying process will be even easier now they have an Etsy store. Both the shades Bella Rose and Chocca Mocha are a fantastic consistency that is easy to work with, but I struggled slightly with Fawn until I mixed it. All three have a brilliant pigmentation and are waterproof. The colours are all gorgeous, with a lovely amount of shimmer. I'm very impressed and would like to buy more from them in the future!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! What do you think of the shadows I've reviewed? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Bella Rose looks like an amazing colour to try! I love red eyeshadows too, they just seem to look better on my skin tone and make my eyes pop! Xox


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