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April 23, 2017

Happy Sunday!

Amazon has lots of useful things for us makeup and beauty lovers. From storage, to tools, to products themselves, you can find it all on Amazon. Here are a few things that I would suggest any makeup fan had a look at.
When your collection grows, it's hard to find room for it all, and even harder to keep everything organised. Here are a few makeup organisers that can help.

I've had my eye on something like this for a long time. It has plenty of drawers for compacts and bottles, as well as lots of slots for lipsticks and space for palettes on top. At the moment, there is a 5% off promotion as well.

Not only is this beauty blender holder adorable, it's also very useful for helping your blender dry effectively. Allowing the sponge to stay damp for a long time could lead to mould and bacteria, but letting the air get to it using a little holder like this means that it dries quicker, preventing that. The holder is available in three colours: pastel blue, pastel pink, and dark pink.

This makeup organiser keeps everything in easy reach, because it rotates so nothing ends up shoved to the back of a drawer. It has plenty of space for your makeup and skincare products, as well as room for brushes and makeup remover. The scalloped detail around each section is a nice finishing touch as well. It comes in black, clear, or white to fit with your colour schemes.

You'll know if you've been into makeup for a while that there are all sorts of tools you use to make the job easier! Here are a few of my favourites from Amazon.

This brush set is perfect if you want to jump on the oval brush trend, because it has a full set for under £10. You can use the larger ones all over your face for primer, foundation, and primer, move onto slightly smaller ones for contour, blush, and highlight, and finally the smaller ones are perfect for eyeshadow - some are good for the lid, others for the crease, and finally there's a tiny one to use in the inner and outer v. It would also be good if you're looking to get started, since this set has every kind of brush you'd need.

Sometimes no matter how hard you scrub at your brushes, it's hard to remove all the residue with just your fingers. This makeup cleaning mat is designed with all sorts of ridges and bumps to do the scrubbing for you. Using this, you can separate every bristle easily, to make cleaning your brushes quicker and more thorough. At less than £3.50, it's worth a try!

As much as I love Real Techniques brushes, I sometimes feel they are quite expensive for what they are, especially the ones in the Bold Metals collection. This set of brushes is a perfect dupe for those, and the whole set of 7 costs less than the cheapest RT one on its own! Perfect for if you love the look of the Bold Metals brushes, but you don't want to part with that much of your hard-earned cash. I have recently tried these out myself, an I have a review ready to go up on Friday!

I hope you've found this post useful for makeup tools and storage. If you have other recommendations, leave the in the comments!

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