Trying Real Techniques Bold Metals Dupes

April 29, 2017


I recently bought a set of seven brushes from Amazon, which are dupes for the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes. They match the designs of the triangle foundation brush (gold), the powder brush (gold), contour brush (rose gold), blush brush (rose gold), crease brush (silver), blending brush (silver), liner brush (silver). The Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes are extremely expensive. The cheapest are £12 while the most expensive are £22. That's extortionate for a makeup brush, so I had a look on Amazon to find brushes with similar designs but for a lot less money. These cost around £10 - a set of seven brushes for less than the cheapest individual brush from Real Techniques.

I thought a few of you might be curious as to whether or not these brushes are actually good, so I decided to try them out and let you know what I think!

Here is a link to the ones I bought:

First, I tried the triangle foundation brush. This blended my foundation evenly, and there were no streaks. It was easy to get into tricky areas such as around my nose and the corner of my eyes. The brush felt comefortable in my hands, and the bristles weren't the softest, but they weren't scratchy. One issue I had was I had to use a bit more foundation than I would normally, since the brush either did a thicker layer than my sponge would give or it absorbed more product. It blended my concealer similarly, although I didn't have the same issue with needing more product. 3/5

The powder brush was lovely and soft on my skin. It didn't get caught in still wet foundation and concealer as I was setting it, and it applied a good amount of powder to my skin - enough to set the products but not enough to make me look cakey. It is large enough to go over my face quickly, so it's very efficient for powder. 5/5

I don't normally do contour, but I found this brush made it really easy. It was narrow enough to create a nice thin line of contour that looked like a believable shadow. It picked up a lot of product though, so the line was quite dark even after tapping off the excess. I found it easy to blend out the lines though, which is a plus. 4/5

The blush brush didn't pick up much product, but it was very soft on my skin and blended what it did pick up nicely. After a few applications I was able to get the depth of colour that I wanted. It was small enough not to get where I didn't want it, but it was a bit too small to cover the amount of cheek I would with my normal brush. 3/5

The crease brush was awful. It was scratchy, picked up next to no product, and was too chunky to really do anything with. I have the real version of this and prefer it much more. If the one you really want from this set is the crease brush, get the Real Techniques one - that one is lovely, this is crap. 1/5

The blending brush was lovely and soft, and blended everything really nicely. It picked up a good amount of product without leaving fallout on my cheeks. 5/5

The liner brush picked up next to no product, and didn't apply much to me either. The line it created was soft and subtle, but with the same eyeshadow on a different brush I have been able to create a bold, smooth line. I'm not impressed with this, but it might be good for eyebrows. 2/5

Overall, most of these brushes are very good. There were a few such as the liner and crease brush that I wasn't happy with, but in total they would have cost me less than £2 each so I can't complain when they'd be £12 each for the real deal. I would recommend these brushes if you are a fan of the look of the Bold Metals brushes but don't want to spend that amount of money - they are still good brushes that are pleasant to use, just at a fraction of the cost.

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