March Favourites

April 03, 2017

Well it's April, and March is now officially over. That means that it's time for another monthly favourites post!

Slimming World
March was the month I started Slimming World to lose weight. So far, I've lost around 18lbs, which I'm so proud of considering how full I've felt on the flexible plan. If you're not familiar with Slimming World, you can have unlimited 'Free Foods' (fruit and veg as well as some other stuff), some carefully portioned 'Healthy Extras' (things like bread and cheese), and 15 'Syns' a day. Syns are things that you wouldn't normally be allowed on a diet such as chocolate and cake - everything I love in life, basically - but the reason Slimming World has such a high success rate is because of the flexible approach that you can eat what you want, you just have to think about portion size. I have a second blog documenting my progress and experience with Slimming World, and a facebook group offering support to other people losing weight.

I get so many compliments wearing this lipstick, it's unreal. It's a vibrant orange shade with a hint of red, but what makes it even more exciting is the amount of shimmer/glitter in it as well. This shows up really well on my lips, attracting lots of attention as it's something really different. It's moisturising since it's more of a cream finish than a matte one, but it lasts just as well. It holds up really well when eating and drinking as well, which is really good because I sometimes forget to reapply other lipsticks after lunch until I see myself in a mirror so I have a bare patch on my lips for a while!

I've been using this mascara every single day this month. It lengthens and enhances my lashes, lasts all day, and comes off easily when it's time to remove it. I find the applicator really nice to use - the brush has closely packed bristles that you can feel grabbing each lash with every swipe. As well as this, I've been using this mascara for about two months now and it doesn't seem to be drying up at all, so it's long lasting in the tube as well as when you've actually got it on!

I have really nasty feet. It's a fact. No one has drier soles than I do. Sometimes the skin gets so dry that it's actually painful, as well as just looking gross. I found my 'Heel Genius' in my drawer and tried it out, and I love it! I apply a generous amount before bed, rub it in completely, then put on a pair of socks and go to sleep. In the morning, the skin feels nourished, soft, and moisturised, and my feet don't hurt anymore. No more dry feet!

As odd as the name sounds, this perfume is a lovely warm floral scent that adjusts to your skin so that it has a unique scent for you. I have the solid perfume in a little pot, and it lasts AGES. The scent doesn't fade, and I'm surprised by how much I love it, since I normally prefer fruity smells to floral ones.

iPhone SE
I got an iPhone for the first time this month, because I was due an upgrade. I was expecting it to be similar in function to my last phone (a Sony XPeria M2, if you were wondering), but oh my goodness was I wrong. Its battery lasts me all day easily. Sometimes it still has so much charge left when I go to bed that I don't even feel the need to plug it in. It has a mountain of storage - my last phone had so little storage space that I only had about five of my own apps and I kept around 40 photos in my camera roll, whereas with my iPhone I just keep downloading apps whenever I want and it's no issue. The camera is fantastic and takes beautifully sharp and saturated photos every time. However, I've seen far too many smashed iPhones in my time to feel safe with one, so I bought a case and screen protector before it arrived to protect it immediately!

I have bleached hair and this shampoo is supposed to be good for keeping out brassy tones so my hair remains a nice platinum shade. It works really well; my hair hasn't looked anything close to yellow since it's been dyed. I love the smell of this shampoo - it smells of parma violets sweets, and it isn't too strong and overpowering. It lathers nicely and my hair always feels squeaky clean, since there's no residue whatsoever because it isn't at all difficult to rinse.

This month I realised that my skin was ridiculously dry, so much so that my foundation looked patchy and/or flaky by the afternoon. I had a sample of this moisturiser which I tried before bed, and it made my skin much softer and more hydrated by the morning. Eventually, that ran out, so I purchased a full tub for myself, aimed at dry and sensitive skin like my own. It smooths into the skin really easily, and leaves it feeling moisturised without fail. My foundation now sits so much smoother, since my face is more hydrated and healthy.

What have you been loving in March? Let me know in the comments! Also, I have a new Bloglovin account, so if you'd like to keep up with Whoops It's Hannah, follow me here!

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  1. Awesome favorites :D I really want to try Urban Decay's lipstick, maybe I'll go order one next payday!


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