Makeup Storage Ideas

April 21, 2017

Hello everyone!

For those of you whose makeup collection is growing, you may be beginning to notice that it takes up a lot of space, and just a makeup bag isn't going to cut it anymore. We can't all have the picturesque vanities we see on Pinterest, with everything perfectly organised and put away neatly, although perhaps we can come close to some semblance of tidiness with these tips and ideas.

1. Stack your palettes.
I had my palettes stacked on a chest of drawers for a while, and they looked really nice. I had them in size order on the top, and they created a nice, colourful display. It made it easy to find which palette I wanted and they were easy to find and access.

2. Alternatively, put them in a drawer or box.

If you don't want your palettes on display and taking up space on your vanity or wherever, then either put them in an easy to access drawer, or find a pretty storage box big enough to hold them and tidy them away. They'll still be easy to get to, and you'll have another bit of space for something else. Here is a pretty, sturdy storage box that could work for this.

3. Have a dedicated makeup drawer.
If your desk doubles as your dressing table, make sure one of your drawers is for your makeup, that way you aren't constantly scrambling through stationery to find that lipstick you're looking for. This also means that when you're done with your makeup, you can shove it away in the drawer so it's not taking up space on your desk and cluttering up the room.

4. Use a pot to keep your brushes handy.
No one likes the sight of a grubby brush that's been rattling round the bottom of your handbag and flung in a drawer for a few weeks. Use something like a pencil pot to store your brushes in a neat and convenient way. They'll be easy to access, look pretty by your bed, and you can leave them upright to dry after you wash them by putting them back in the pot. Here is one similar to mine.

5. Put your daily items in a makeup bag.
If you know there are some things you use every day without fail, put them in a makeup bag. Try to make sure there's enough to do a full makeup look in there if you can, so that if you're in a hurry you can grab the bag and do your makeup on the go. If you do this, you'll always know exactly where your favourite products are, and you can reach for them at a moment's notice.

6. Bonus: Jewellery
My necklaces were always getting tangled together, until I decided to stick some pins in my shelf and display them like this. Now it's easy to find each one, I never have to untangle them, and since that shelf is opposite my window, they sparkle all the time and leave a pretty shadow on the wall. Also, to keep my bracelets in order, I have a beautiful jewellery display as well. I found one similar on Amazon

I hope this post has been helpful. If you have your own ideas for storing makeup, leave them in the comments!

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