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April 14, 2017
I'm just going to apologise in advance for the lack of photos in this post. I didn't realise how many of the products on this list I'd actually run out of. Whoops. Hopefully the information is still useful! :)
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When I first started getting into makeup, I found the amount of choice out there to be very overwhelming. For that reason, I wanted to compile this little guide for those who are new to makeup to start off their makeup collection. If you want to put together a kit for someone you know, or for yourself, then keep reading!

First point about this post: all of these products are cruelty free. Start as you mean to go on - if you start creating your makeup collection with no cruelty products, you won't be repurchasing any and won't get used to cruel products. If you care about animals in any way, do not buy products that have been animal tested. It means that a little bit of research goes into picking the products rather than just reaching for the first foundation you come across, but ultimately, you'll be happy to know that no animals suffered to create your collection!

Second point, on a happier note: all of these products are drugstore. You can walk into Boots or Superdrug for any of these. I did this because people wanting to start their makeup collection are probably fairly young and don't necessarily have thousands to spend on makeup. Also, when you're just starting out, you might not know what suits you. No one wants to spend £30 on foundation to discover it's five shades too light, or drop £25 on an eyeshadow palette containing only one shade that works for you. If you make this mistake having only spent a fiver though, it's not too big a deal. Once you're more used to it, you can safely spend more if you want to.

This is going to be quite a long post, because I plan to explain what each product is for as well as include a recommendation. Bear with me, as I hope you find this post helpful.

1. A Makeup Bag

You are going to be surprised by how much space makeup takes up. I will always recommend you get a makeup bag to keep everything together. This means that your vanity is tidy, and your makeup is easy to take from place to place if you're travelling or intend to do your makeup on the go. Next do really nice makeup bags in my opinion, or Primark if you'd prefer not to spend that much! | Bag |

2. Primer
The first step in my makeup application is primer. It smooths your skin and pores so your foundation applies evenly, and helps makeup to stick to your face so it doesn't slip if you sweat or get oily. The Body Shop Matte It primer is very good for this purpose. It provides a nice smooth base and keeps your makeup where you want it. | Primer |

3. Foundation
You use foundation to make your skin appear smooth and flawless. It conceals 'flaws' such as spots and scars, and it makes your skin tone more even by covering discolouration such as red patches and purple undereyes. Just be sure to blend down your neck to avoid a noticeable line where your face doesn't match your skin. Natural Collection are a very ethical company, and I have seen rave reviews about their foundation. | Foundation |

4. Concealer
Concealer is applied after foundation to cover any bits that foundation didn't manage to. Focus it on your undereyes and directly over blemishes and blend them out to fully conceal them. Seventeen Stay Time concealer is good for me, as it comes in a very pale shade that matches me nicely, something very few concealers manage to do! | Concealer |

5. Powder
Use powder to set your concealer and foundation in place. Like primer, it works to keep everything where it should be on your face, and it also soaks up excess oil on your face to create a matte finish and keep your makeup on. I recommend the Natural Collection powder, because it comes in lots of different shades to match different skin tones, and it gets the job done! | Powder |

6. Contour/Highlight/Blush
This is what will bring your face back to life after foundation and concealer, which can make your face literally look one shade. Apply a brown contour shade under your cheek bones, which will define the shape and is very fashionable at the moment. You can also use it down the sides of your nose to slim it a bit if you feel it appears too wide. Swirl a bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks to get a bit of colour back into your face. Then apply a dab of highlight to the cheekbones, down your nose and on your cupid's bow for a lovely look. The reason I put all these together is because I recommend a palette that comes with all three from Makeup Revolution. They're highly pigmented, absolutely beautiful, and ridiculously inexpensive. | Contour | Highlight | Blush | All 3 |

7. Brows
Ah, eyebrows. The fashion statement of 2016. At the moment, brows are expected to be big, bold, and on fleek (whatever that means). To achieve this, I recommend the Barry M brow kit. Fill in your natural brow shape with the powder, and then apply the wax over the top to seal the hairs in place and strengthen the colour. | Brow Kit |

8. Eyeshadow
This is my favourite step of makeup application: eyeshadow. To start, I recommend getting one everyday palette and one coloured palette. The nude palette is good for everyday wear, but think about what colours suit you, as not everyone looks good with gold and not everyone looks good with silver. If you suit more warm colours, go for a bronze-centric nude palette, but if you suit cool colours, go for a grey based one. The colourful palette is for when you feel like introducing a bit more colour into your makeup! I have a blog post series of the various colours that suit certain eyes, so look there for some inspiration. Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes are gorgeous. As I said with the contour, they're very pigmented which means you don't have to use loads to get the colour payoff you want, and I find them to be very long lasting. | Everyday | Colourful |

9. Eyeliner
Eyeliner is used to add definition to your eyes. Gel eyeliner is easier to use than liquid for most people, but either are great for creating a winged eyeliner look. I like a kohl or pencil eyeliner to use in my waterline or to create a smokey look as well. Black is a staple colour for eyeliner, and once you've perfected your technique you could branch out into colours if you'd like. Barry M are my go-to brand for eyeliner. | Gel | Liquid | Kohl/Pencil |

10. Mascara
Use mascara to finish off your eye look. Depending on what you want, you can get one that lengthens, plumps, or curls your lashes. There are some that claim to do all three as well! NYX are a budget friendly brand, and their Doll Eye mascara is raved about! | Mascara |

11. Lipstick
At the moment, liquid lipsticks are all the rage but I personally prefer the old fashioned way, and I'd recommend you get five lipstick shades to start out with: one nude, one peach, one pink, one red, and one berry. Makeup Revolution have plenty of shades to choose from, but I have picked out one of each of these shades that I'd recommend. Of course, you don't have to buy a shade you don't like or don't think you'd wear, this is just to get you started. | Nude | Peach | Pink | Red | Berry

12. Brushes
Sometimes it's difficult to know what different brushes are used for, so I'm going to go through step by step with a brush you can use from Real Techniques that will get the job done.
Primer - You can just use your hands, like applying a moisturiser.
Foundation - Again, you can use your hands, but for a more flawless finish I like to use a Miracle Complexion Sponge.
Concealer - I use either the sponge mentioned above or a face brush.
Powder - A large, fluffy brush is perfect for this.
Contour - I like to use a fairly narrow brush for this.
Blush - For this, I use a fluffy brush, a bit smaller than what I'd use for powder so I can concentrate more on one particular area.
Highlight - Use either your fingertips or a small brush.
Brows - Most brow kits come with a brush, but I'd recommend getting an angled brush for filling in your brows. You can also use them to apply eyeshadow to look like smokey eyeliner.
Eyeshadow - I go through many brushes when applying eyeshadow, but I'd recommend getting ea shadow brush kit as this will cover the basics and you can get more if you need them.
Lipstick - Personally, I apply lipstick straight from the tube usually but if you'd prefer a lip brush for a more precise finish then get one!
It's important to clean your makeup brushes regularly as they end up full of bacteria if left too long, and you don't want to just smear germs all over your face! Real Techniques make their own brush cleaner, and they have a scrubbing board to get really into every bristle as you clean (not necessary but can be useful). Learn more about cleaning your brushes here.

I hope that you have found this blog post helpful. I've included links, and I hope I've explained everything thoroughly. Enjoy getting into makeup, I think it's a really fulfilling and confidence boosting interest, and if you have any questions please leave a comment and I'll try to get back to you!

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