Experieces, Not Things

March 17, 2017
Hello everyone!

Recently I was inspired by Eventbrite to think about what I want to experience this year instead of what I want to buy. This could mean spending my money on anything from a fitness class to a music festival, as opposed to buying more and more things you don't really need. Their campaign Experiences, Not Things is all about appreciating time and experiences with your family and friends rather than materialistic things and you can even use their online event registration software to easily set up your own amazing experiences! Because of this inspiration, I've put together a 2017 experience bucket list.

1. Do a pottery class.
Even if it's just messing about at a pottery wheel for a few hours, I'd love to do pottery. My mum and I have discussed it several times, but there haven't been any courses near us whenever we've looked. I have plenty of free time over the summer holidays, which would be the ideal time to do a longer course, where we get to decorate our pots and have them fired as well. Using Eventbrite, I found a few courses which were unfortunately sold out, but I will keep checking back!

2. Go to a food lover's fair.
There used to be a fair near us every summer when I was little that we would go to to taste lots of varieties of sausages, cheeses, chutneys, jams, and everything else you could ask local farmers to bring. I always remember it being a really enjoyable day, where we'd always come away with a few jars of chutney, little wheels of cheese, and curry spice packets. Nowadays, there are a few nearby that are nowhere near as good as what I remember. I would like to find a good food lover's fair on Eventbrite to relive this memory from my childhood!

3. Take a yoga class.
My neighbour is a yoga instructor, and she runs yoga classes every week across the road in our Parish hall. I've often thought about popping along, but I'm worried it may be too difficult for me. Now I think, why not? I'm working out more at the moment, so I imagine that when I pluck up the courage to go I'll be a bit stronger than I am now and more able to hold my 'downward facing dog' like I know what I'm doing! I want to become more flexible and strong, and yoga helps with this.

4. Try a pilates class.
Along the same route as the last one, I'm hoping to improve my strength this year, since I can't really manage a push up. Pilates is excellent for all round strength building, which is something I'd really appreciate. Even fifteen minutes of pilates has been enough in the past to have me sore the next day, so I imagine an hour long class might kill me the first few times! That said, it's something I'd really like to try and commit to to improve my strength and fitness.

5. See more shows.
I'm studying Musical Theatre in college, which means I'm encouraged to see a lot of musicals to learn more about the industry I'm going into. However, my course is very full on and tiring, and often I have too much to do to see as many shows as I would like to. However, I would like the time to see more, both ameteur and professional, so whenever I get breaks from college, I'l be booking myself some tickets!

What would you like to experience this year?

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