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I know that my sense of style isn't for everyone (as I type this, I have hot pink hair, for one). I have a real love of vintage styles - most of my wardrobe at the moment is 50's inspired circle skirts and dresses, and a puffy petticoat has genuinely become a staple accessory for me. 

Recently, I've been enjoying scrolling through websites adding whatever I want to the cart with no intention of paying that (£400 in one go? NO!), but I thought I hadn't done a wishlist for a while so I may as well get some of that wishing out here for you to peruse! My favourite website for my vintage fashion needs is Lindybop. They sell plenty of styles I love, in my size at reasonable prices. Here are a few of my top picks.

This dress is super pretty. I love nature and natural imagery, so I love the tree detail at the bottom. I think this shade of pink is lovely, and I love the trim on the collar.
I don't own much turquoise and I feel like I should. Again, this has the references to nature that I love. When I first saw it, it reminded me of Starry night, due to the swirly cloud shapes of the sky.
We all know I love shopping, so this fun handbag print caught my eye. I love the bright belt accent, and I think that the light colour would be different for me - I always lean more towards darker shades.
This skirt is gorgeous. As soon as this is on sale, I want to buy it. I love the contrast of black at white, and once again it has the natural imagery I crave. It's such a statement piece.
A lot of my friends are in New York at the moment, and I'm insanely jealous. To get myself a feeling of the NYC spirit, I might just have to buy this lovely dress!
This has been on my Pinterest wishlist for ages, and now that it's on sale, I'm seriously tempted. I think the design is quirky and cute, and it reminds me of the boat scene in Tangled. I love gold, and it's a nice dark colour which I always love!

See anything you like? Let me know!

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