New Year's Resolutions

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season, and I'd like to wish you a happy new year! As we go into 2017, a lot of us will be making some resolutions to take with us into the year. I'd like to share mine with you here, to hopefully help me stick to them!

1. Improve my blog.
I'd like to take better pictures (I'm always envious of other blogs' beautiful photos) and focus on the presentation of my content. I'd also like to write better, more frequent posts. I'm doing a lot of bulk writing and draft saving at the moment, because I find that college gets in the way of blogging from time to time. Hopefully having a few drafts spare will alleviate some of the pressure.

2. Dye my hair pink, purple, and peach (and eventually a combination of the three).
I actually had my hair bleached yesterday in preparation for this! I've always wanted to have some cool coloured hair, and I've finally decided to just do it. I think it looks really pretty on other people and I may as well try it on myself!

3. Join the college gym and drop a dress size.
Ah, the typical weight loss resolution.
At the start of college, I was losing a bit of weight. This is because I'm studying musical theatre, and have fitness and dance classes three times a week as part of that. However, things went downhill when I discovered how good the cookies are on campus. I've decided that joining the gym and being stricter with myself will hopefully help me to lose a bit of weight and improve my fitness levels. My final end goal is a size 8/10, but I'm not pressuring myself to reach that in one year, because that's literally three or four dress sizes smaller and I want to be realistic.

4. Start saving money.
I'm going to be honest with you, I'm a spender at heart. I have expensive tastes, and I like to own pretty things. Is that really a flaw?
Well, when you're a full time student with only a part time job and you're not, in fact, Blair Waldorf, yes it is. I've decided to set aside £1 every time I go to the gym to save up for something nice, as well as popping a note in my piggy bank every time I get paid (I've already started doing this, it's a good idea). Hopefully I'll be able to save up quite a hefty sum without really noticing!

5. Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter, 300 on Instagram, 200 on Facebook, and 100 on my blog.
Followers aren't everything, but they're useful to have when you're trying to earn a bit of extra cash from blogging. These are realistic goals based on how many followers I have on each profile at the moment, and if you'd like to help me out with this one, I've linked each profile. To follow my blog, click 'join with Google friends connect' in the right hand side bar. 

6. Successfully audition for a lead (named) role.
As mentioned above, I'm studying musical theatre. This means that I get quite a few shows in a term. I'd like to be able to say I have a character with a name, rather than being a member of the ensemble (ensembles are an important part of a show, but thinking ahead to uni, it's more impressive to have a known character). Alternatively, a proper solo in the showcases we do would be nice as well. Obviously succeeding in this resolution isn't up to me alone; I'm not the one who picks who's right for what! However, I'd like to include this resolution to give me the drive to achieve it or to come close!

7. Improve my flexibility.
I've noticed in dance classes that sometimes my body just doesn't go as far as some other people's. I'd like to be able to more easily touch my toes, and to have a wider second (being able to spread my legs further apart, if you don't speak ballet!)

8. Write four positive things that happened at the end of every week.
I might do this as a blog post, actually. I think it's important to remain positive, and to think about the positive things. At the end of 2016, everyone was complaining about how terrible a year it was, and I saw lots of people trying to combat this negativity with a list of positives. Maybe at the end of 2017 I'll be able to look back at my positive lists and smile, regardless of what kind of a year it was.

9. Pick five universities to apply to.
You guys, I'm old now. I have unis to apply to. When September rolls around, I'll have to fill in my UCAS application and attend auditions/interviews. I have five slots to fill, and I've started already, but I only have two (Edge Hill and the Liverpool Academy of Musical Theatre, if you were wondering). I'd like to have a final list of choices all ready to go by then!

Those are my nine new year's resolutions. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post!
Do you have any new year's resolutions?

Have a happy and healthy new year, lots of love,

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