Last Minute Stocking Fillers/Secret Santa Ideas

December 11, 2016
Hello everyone!

I love to have a stocking on Christmas day. There's something about the lucky dip feeling to finding lots of little goodies inside that I find really exciting. As well as that, I'm involved in a Secret Santa with my class at college, and I know some people have been struggling. If you're stuck for inspiration and getting worried now, don't panic - I have a handy little gift guide for you!

Hats and/or gloves
Primark // £2.50
Here in England, winter is very very cold, and it doesn't get warmer in January. Buying someone something pretty to keep them cosy in this season will be much appreciated, and might not be something they'd consider buying for themselves.

Hot Chocolate Stirrers
Choc-au-lait // £15.75 for 24
What could be more cosy on Christmas day than settling down by the tree with a woolly jumper on and a mug of hot chocolate in your hands? Hot chocolate stirrers are essentially a lump of chocolate on the end of a stick, which you stir into a mug of hot milk to make your hot chocolate more chocolatey than usual! These make lovely little gifts and is something you know any chocoholic will enjoy.

Lip Balm
Superdrug // £6
Everyone's lips dry out in winter. It's uncomfortable and often painful, and recieving a little lip balm in your stocking to pop in your bag could help you remember to use it and keep your lips happy! Eos lip balms also have a good reputation in the beauty blogger community, so a makeup savvy person may appreciate this!

Yankee Candles // £6.74
I'm a huge fan of Yankee and House & Home candles, but they can be quite pricey and I wouldn't often buy them for myself. However, I get really excited when someone gets one for me. I'd only recommend this if you know the kind of scents your friend or family member is a fan of, however, otherwise they may find that they don't really like it! Christmassy scents would probably go down a treat this time of year, but maybe something more fresh and floral would be more their style?

Pandora Charm
Pandora // £35
If the person you're buying for has a Pandora charm bracelet, you could get them a nice bead for it for around £30. This may be more than you want to spend on a stocking filler, but people who enjoy their charm bracelet will love an addition to their collection! Again, something Christmassy or wintery would be a good choice, or if there's something you know they're really into such as shoes, you could get them a shoe charm. Some people are good at hinting, so if you know of a charm they've got their eye on, a stocking may be the perfect place for it to turn up on Christmas day!

Portable Charger/Speaker
EBay // £13.99
I feel like this is the sort of thing someone might not think to buy for themselves, but it's a really practical gift that could come in handy. If you know someone who is always on their phone or listening to music, this could go down well.

Disney Tsum Tsums
Disney Store // £3
I love Tsums Tsums. They're so cute, and I'm a massive Disney fan so I love seeing my favourite characters in Tsum Tsum form. Maybe you could get someone their favourite character, or a set of characters from their favourite film? These go down a treat with any Disney fan because of their cute, quirky representations of our favourite characters!

Lush Bath Bomb
Lush // £4.25
I'm a huge Lush fan, as you have probably noticed if you've been reading my blog for a while. They do a huge selection of Christmas inspired goodies that a Lushie or someone who needs to relax in a lovely smelling bath would really love to receive!

Lush Fun
Lush // £5.95
Another lovely gift from Lush would be Fun. It's not something I ever buy for myself, but it's very versatile - you can use it as a bubble bar, as body wash, shampoo, or you can mould it into fun little shapes! This year they have loads of Christmas themed ones, so they'd make a lovely Christmas present! I especially think they'd make a nice surprise, as it's not something someone would think to buy for themselves.

I hope you have found this post helpful in some way! Don't forget to leave your stocking filler recommendations in the comments!

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