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Hello Everyone!

For years I've struggled with foundations. I'm extremely pale, and even the palest shades from the palest brands tend to come out orange on me. Eventually, a couple of years ago I gave up entirely, insisting that I just hate the feeling of it on my skin and it's not worth it anyway.

Recently, however, I thought that higher end brands might have more choice in shades (and less orange shades anyway), and better feeling formulas. I looked into BB creams from Estee Lauder and liked them a lot, but they were still slightly dark. So I walked up to the Elizabeth Arden counter to have a look.

Immediately I was greeted by a lovely sales assistant, who asked if she could help in a non-pushy way. I said I was looking for a foundation or BB cream that would suit my pale skin, and she picked out a few shades from each of the foundations they do, and a BB cream as well. She asked if I'd like to be colour matched, and I agreed, and she sat me down in the chair to get started.

The first thing she tested on me was the BB cream. As she was applying a little patch of it to my jaw, she explained that BB creams tend to adjust colour and this can make them come out quite orange, so this might not be the best choice for me.

Next she tried a foundation on me, telling me it was a good shade but very high coverage, and she noted that as my skin is quite clear I might not feel that high coverage is the way to go. She applied this one in another little patch on my jaw.

Then she tried the Perfectly Nude foundation in me in the 01 shade. As she was applying this patch, she told me that it looked strangely dark, and I let her know that this is a frequent problem for me, seeing as I am so pale.

On a whim, she tried out the Perfectly Nude foundation in 02. This obviously doesn't sound quite right, seeing as 02 is usually darker than 01, but she showed me that it looked lighter in comparison in the bottles. As she did this final patch, she told me she'd never seen a more perfect match!

When she was done, she handed me a mirror and pointed out which patch was which. If not for the flawless finish, I wouldn't have been able to tell that Perfectly Nude in 02 was on my face.

She carefully removed the patches after I agreed it was a good match, and offered to apply it all over my face so I could test it out for the day. Again, she wasn't pushy in the slightest. I felt no obligation to buy anything. I agreed to try it out and she applied it nice and evenly. One thing I will say here is that the brush wasn't clean, however I'm not sure if that was the brush she used to apply the little swatches or not. If not, that's something Elizabeth Arden could pick up on.

So I went away and wore it for a day. Now, I had a two hour dance class that day, and that foundation did not budge. That was it, I wanted it.

I went in a few days later to find out it had sold out, went back a few days after that and it was sold out again. The same girl who colour matched me was there again and she recognised me (always appreciated, let's be fair). She did a search on a machine Boots have to order it in, but it didn't come up with any results. She went to the iPad to look it up on the Boots website and again it didn't come up with anything. We were both confused, as we knew it exists - the bottle is right there on the counter. So I went away and ordered online.

Of course, the fact that it was out of stock and untraceable on Boots.com was inconvenient, but Elizabeth Arden's sales assistant was perfect. She was helpful, friendly, experienced and knowledgeable, and not pushy in the slightest. I had a lovely experience shopping with them, and I am very happy with my new foundation. I'd recommend Elizabeth Arden to anyone, especially my fellow pale ghosts!

Have you tried Elizabeth Arden products before? And what do you look for in a sales assistant?

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