Before and After: LPT Haircut


I made a post earlier this week about my plans to donate hair to the Little Princess Trust, and today I'm sharing my before and afters from the haircut!

As the Little Princess Trust specify on their website, my hair was put into a plait, secured at the top and bottom. It was cut off above the top band and my plait was placed in front of me! I want to dye it a really fun colour, but it has to be bleached to almost white before that can happen, so my hairdresser put a bit of bleach on there and washed it out before making it all neat and pretty! (Currently my hair is kind of green, but I've been promised that it's going to go blonde eventually haha)

Here is a before and after shot of my hair! As you can see, I've had a hefty amount cut off, and while it's a lot to adjust to, I am very happy with my new 'do. Now if only I could figure out how on earth to work a curling wand, I'd be all set for my life with a bob...

If you would like to donate to my JustGiving page set up to support the charity in buying wigs for poorly children, click HERE. To learn more about the Little Princess Trust, click HERE.

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