Moisturise, Motherpuckers!

April 24, 2016


We all know the importance of keeping our skin moisturised (and I doubt anyone here can say they're perfect with this one...), but how many of us focus on intentionally moisturising our lips? I for one hate the feeling of dry lips. They end up chapped and gross-looking, and they just feel horrible. I can barely focus when all I can feel is the discomfort of having my lips do a desert impression for no reason. As we are well into spring, I'd say it's time to break out lip products with a more sheer appearance, and why not moisturise our pouts while we're at it? Here are some recommendations of products for this very purpose.

Note: the following products are well loved so were not the most photogenic things ever. That's kind of a good sign though, I guess.

This lip balm was a gift, and I'm so glad I recieved it. Its powers of moisture are insane. You can practically feel the H20 being pumped into the cells in your lips. Wow. Bit pricey for a lip balm, but it is a very good lip balm. This colour 'Pink Blossom', isn't my favourite (I tend to lean more towards red), but for a subtle, girly look, it's perfect. This is a great one to keep in your handbag on days when your lips feel very dry indeed and your makeup is fairly natural.

This was another gift that I'm glad I got. It certainly refreshes my dry lips well. Not quite as well as my Burt's Bees, but you don't always need something that intense. I find the crayon applicator very easy to use, and the colour suits my skin tone very nicely. It's a pretty, deep pink shade, that's definitely good for spring. Again, it's very pricey, but if it's within your budget, it's definitely a good product.

This one is far more affordable. It would be a great one to keep in your bag or pencil case as it is very moisturising but the colour doesn't come out too bright so you're not likely to get in trouble in school if you're not allowed makeup! I love that artificial cherry smell, and this is it on steroids. It's beautiful. Do I wish the colour was more pigmented (it looks bright red in the packaging and comes out pink on the lips)? Yes, but all in all it's a good lip balm that is worth the money for the smell alone.

I adored these when I was younger, and then completely forgot about them. The colour payoff is very good, especially for a moisturising product, which normally come out quite sheer. It lasts much longer than normal lip balms as well. There are a lot of pretty shades to choose from as well. One problem I have had with them, though, is they are ridiculously soft. Far too much product comes onto your lips if you're too heavy-handed. I once snapped one of mine because I was too enthusiastic while applying it, and I hadn't even pushed the product particularly far up the packaging. However, if you use a lighter hand than me, these are a great option. The lid is very pretty, too.

Sometimes, even Burt's magical moisturising Bees can't save me from my dry lips, and it's moments like that when I turn to a pot of Vaseline. This stuff has been my lifesaver since I was a child, licking my dry lips until they were raw and sore until my mum put this on. There's nothing quite like Vaseline for injecting some moisture back into, well, anything. The only things I dislike are the smell (the Cocoa Butter is my favourite as it hides that petroleum jelly stench very well) and the oily feeling on my lips and hands. I've heard people saying they put this stuff in their hair?! WHY WOULD YOU INTENTIONALLY COAT YOUR HAIR WITH GREASE?! However, pots of Vaseline are affordable and very useful to have on you at all times. You never know when you're going to need the stuff.

Have you tried any of the products in this list? What did you think?

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