An Everyday Neutral Makeup Look

March 13, 2016

Hello! Today's post is a tutorial to show you how to get this everyday makeup look:

It is very easy to do as there are only seven steps to it, so with practise, you should be able to do it quickly in a morning before heading off to school or work.

Keep reading to find out the steps towards achieving this everyday makeup look! 

To begin, conceal under your eyes. I use the Seventeen 'Stay Time' concealer in the shade 'Extra Fair', as I am pale as a ghost and vampire combined! The main issue I have with my face is my dark under eye bags, as they tend to dominate my face and make me look older and tired. Because of this, I go for two or three layers of concealer. When you're happy, use powder to set (the one I use is the Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder in the shade 'Translucent'). If you want to, at this stage you can also go in with foundation all over your face, however, I don't feel I need it and hate the way it feels on my skin so I tend not to do this.

Fill in your brows as you normally would. I use the Freedom Duo Brow Powder in the shade 'Dark Brown', using an angled brush from Lottie to apply it.

In the inner corner of your eye, use a light brown eyeshadow, taking a little bit onto the lid as well. This shade can be matte for a more natural look, or glittery for a beautiful shimmer. To make your shadow last longer, you can always prime your eyelid with either eye primer, concealer, or my personal favourite: the Maybelline '24 Hour Colour Tattoo' cream eyeshadow in the shade 'On and On Bronze'.

4. LID
Take a medium brown eyeshadow across the remainder of the lid, taking care not to cover too much of the light brown shade you just applied. Don't worry about taking it too far into the crease.

Using a dark brown or dark bronze (bronze shades look especially good on blue eyes) eyeshadow, create a sideways 'v' shape by placing a little bit of shadow along the lash line and a little bit up into the crease. With what is remaining on the brush, go through the crease with this dark brown shade. This will blend together the shades you already applied and create a beautiful gradient from light to dark across the lid.

The winged liner really makes this look and draws attention to your eyes. Use a black liner (mine is the Barry M 'Eye Define Super Gloss' liquid eyeliner) to create the winged look in whatever way you find easiest. If you're feeling brave, take a bit of pencil liner along your waterline. Use white to enlarge small eyes, or black if you'd like to frame them and add drama. Alternatively, use coloured pencil liners in a complimentary colour to your eyes to make the iris really pop.

Apply a couple of coats of mascara. Today, I chose the Maybelline 'The Colossal Go Extreme' in 'Very Black'. For a more dramatic eye look, apply falsies, but if you want to keep it more natural just stick with mascara.

And you're done! The finished look should look something like this:

Let me know what you thought of this tutorial in the comments, and leave suggestions for future posts if you have any.

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