A Fresh Start

March 10, 2016

Welcome to my brand new blog, Whoops It's Hannah!

After a break from my old blog, I decided it was time to start afresh. That blog was cluttered, poorly designed (by me) and just not up to scratch. As it wasn't exactly popular, I decided that I wouldn't be losing much to start all over again. And here we are!

Hello, my name is Hannah and I'm 17 years old. On this blog I'm hoping to post about beauty mostly, perhaps with a bit of craft and lifestyle thrown into the mix along the way. I already have a few posts planned, so I won't be inactive, but if you have any suggestions for posts they would be much appreciated. I hope Whoops It's Hannah can become a place of positivity for you, and that my posts here in our little corner of the internet can inspire you to try something new - be that a makeup look, a craft project, or a new take on life.

Please feel free to follow me here or on my social media accounts, and leave a comment if you'd like!

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