Brand Advertising

Thank you for your interest in advertising your brand and/or product with Whoops It's Hannah. Here is some more information on what you can expect for me in an advertisement for you as well as what I would like in return. If you're interested, knowing what to expect, then please email to get in touch!

Why Whoops It's Hannah?
High quality posts
Most of my posts are over 1,000 words. This means I can give detailed information about your product and brand, offering potential customers everything they need to know to encourage them to buy. I spellcheck before posting, and have a good knowledge of English grammar. This offers a professional platform to showcase your product on.

Lots of photos
I like to take lots of photos to put in my posts. Your product will be shown from all sorts of angles in an aesthetically pleasing way to appeal to customers.

Reasonably large audience
Monthly, I get 500 unique pageviews on average, although in May 2017 this is growing. Just halfway through the month and I am approaching 2000 unique pageviews. My posts are also shared on my social media platforms. I have almost 300 Instagram followers, just under 200 Facebook followers, and over 1000 Twitter followers. The post will also be shared on my Pinterest and Bloglovin'. If you would like your product to be advertised on any of these platforms outside of a blog post, that can be negotiated.

An engaged audience
I receive comments and shares on my blog posts, likes and replies on Twitter, likes and comments on Facebook, to name a few. This shows that I have a readership that is engaged with me, and by extension, you.

Different advertising strategies
I offer your product being mentioned in a post all by itself, or in a collective post with other products and brands. Each of these methods have their pros, and I explain them in more detail below.

What I Offer
There are three types of advertising I offer on Whoops It's Hannah.

Sponsored Post
A sponsored post would be an in-depth review (examples below). These are usually just under 1000 words long, and feature my thoughts on the product, including pros and cons of the packaging, how the product applies, and how it lasts throughout the day if it's a cosmetic product. For skincare, I explain the effects of it, what skin type it's suitable for, and pros and cons of it. And for tools such as brushes I go over each one individually, talking about what to use it for, and how well I think it applies products.
With a Sponsored Review an entire post is dedicated to talking about your product and brand, and I will give very in depth thoughts on the pros and cons of it, meaning potential customers get to know a lot about your brand and product.

Short Review
A short review is in something like a haul or a favourites post. Your product would be featured alongside a few others, and I would write a paragraph describing it (usually around 150 words) In a haul, I show products I've recently added to my collection, talking a little bit about each one and what my first impressions are of the products. Favourites posts are where I share what products I loved the month before, talking about why I like each thing.
A Short Review is of course a fair bit shorter than a full Sponsored Review, but that can often keep a reader's attention better, so you would still get a lot of exposure on my blog.

Sponsored Review + Short Review
I also offer a combination of the two, so your product would be featured in a post on it's own, and in a collective post with others. This means you would get the benefits of both, with double the exposure for your product or brand.

Here are some examples of my reviews, so you can see the sort of post your brand and product would be included in:

Here are some examples of my favourites posts and hauls, so you can see the review you'd get in one of these posts:

What I Ask For
Cruelty Free
Animal welfare is of massive importance to me and many of my readers. I would not feel comfortable working with a brand that tested on animals, or brought harm to them in any other way (such as using their hair/fur in brushes).

Legitimate Company
As I'm sure you know, there are many retailers out there with no objection to ripping off customers. I don't want them here. If you send me a product to review and it is poor quality and not worth what you would charge my readers, I will not write your post. I will only advertise a company who is reliable, with good quality products that are delivered on time (or at all!) This is out of respect for my readers, your potential customers.

Here is a breakdown of my charges for each of my advertising offers, which I detail above. These prices are non-negotiable, and are based on my number of pageviews and the quality of my posts. If you want me to review a product, you must factor in the cost of your product and postage - I do not pay for them.

Sponsored Review - £55

Short Review - £25

Sponsored Review + Short Review - £65

Payments can be made via PayPal, and they must be made before your post is due to go live. I will send you a version of the post before you pay so you can look over it.

To work with me to get an advertisement on Whoops It's Hannah, please email me at
and I will be in touch promptly!

Thanks again for your interest!