Blogger Advertising

If you're a fellow blogger who's wanting some more pageviews, reads, comments, and followers, I am happy to offer a space to advertise your blog here on Whoops It's Hannah. There are two ways I do that, which I'll detail below!

Why Whoops It's Hannah?
Clearly displayed advertisement
Whatever advertisement type you choose, your blog's advert will be clear to see and easy to click through to your blog.

Reasonably large audience
On average, I receive 500 unique pageviews to my blog, although this number has grown considerably in May 2017 (only halfway through the month I have almost 2,000). That is a large number of visitors who would see your advert to click through to your blog.

Variety of promotion types
Not everyone has the same budget, so I have a variety of blogger advertisements to cater to a range of needs! I detail these below.

What I Offer
There are three types of advertisement I offer for Bloggers.

Sidebar Placement
For 28 days, the image of your blog logo (or another image that describes your blog) will be displayed in the sidebar of my blog. This means that no matter where a reader is on my blog, be it post or homepage, they will be able to see your advert. Of course the picture will be linked to your blog, so it will be easy for readers to click through. An example of this can be found in the right hand side bar under 'Advertisement'.

Post Mention
I am starting a post series featuring blogs I've enjoyed reading the month before and would like to recommend to my readers. If you opt to have your blog mentioned in this post, it would include your blog's logo and name (both linked to your blog), a detailed description of what your blog offers (usually 150-200 words), and links to three of my favourite posts you've posted. This means readers will get to know your blog even before they've clicked.

Sidebar Placement + Post Mention
A combination of the two will give you the maximum impact on your blog. Your logo will be displayed in my sidebar for all to see, and a description of your blog will be available as well.

What I Ask For:
Similar theme to my blog
For you to get the most out of your advertisement, you'll want to appeal to the audience that's going to see it! Similarly, I would like to keep my blog cohesive. Because of this, I would ask that the majority of your posts fall under the category of beauty (such as product reviews, makeup tutorials, skincare tips and tricks, and more). I may accept other themes; email me to discuss this.

Here is a breakdown of my charges for each of my advertising offers, which I detail above. These prices are non-negotiable, and are based on my number of pageviews and the quality of my posts. Many other bloggers would charge much more!

Sidebar Placement - £15

Post Mention - £20

Sidebar Placement + Post Mention - £30

Payments can be made via PayPal, and they must be made before your advert is due to go live.

To work with me to get an advertisement on Whoops It's Hannah, please email me at
and I will be in touch promptly!

Thanks again for your interest!