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27 December 2018

It's Been a Season | Autumn

December 27, 2018 0 Comments

This post and the series that will follow is 100% based on Amy's series. You can read it here.

I thought it might be nice to start this series when things started getting interesting in my life, and my goodness have they got interesting in recemt months. (In my opinion.) This is just going to be a regular update series, featuring some of the things that have been going on in my life, so that my readers are up to date, and so that I can look back on the things I've been up to.

So. The early days of September were full of packing and getting paperwork and myself ready for drama school. I had seven pairs of dance shoes and piles of dancewear to fit into one half of my case, as well as all the other essentials I needed. My bigger case weighed over 20kg. You're right; I'm hench.
All of that preparation was for the 13th September, when my mum and I travelled to Liverpool John Lennon Airport and I flew to Spain. At the other end, I had to navigate myself, two cases, and a backpack from Barcelona El Prat Airport and navigate my way to the town of Sitges. Since arriving at my accomodation, I've been moving all my stuff in and settling myself into my new life at Spain.

On Tuesday 18th September, I officially enrolled as a student of the Institute of the Arts Barcelona to begin studying for my BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre. Since I was 13 years old, I've said I wanted to live in either London or Barcelona and now I get the chance to live in Barcelona for three years and study to become a professional actress at the same time!

In my first week of drama school, I was streamed in Jazz, Tap, and Singing, so that for the rest of the year I am in the best class for me. As well as that, I had several lectures about life at drama school and how the BA course works. And other than that I just had timetabled sessions for getting to know my classmates and teachers, although I also did that out of school as well.

The months that followed were full of classes in singing, acting, and dancing, as well as lectures about the human body and performing arts as an industry.

In October, I saw the play 'The Seagull' performed by the third year actors at IAB. Their performance was incredible; their characters were so believable and entertaining, and the depth of the characters that they created was inspiring to watch. I've only ever performed in one play myself, but having watched them perform, I feel like I learned so much about how much energy you can give to a character in a play. It's in no way easy.

Also in October, I took a trip to Mallorca for a weekend to visit my mum and my aunt. My aunt has a beautiful apartment in Palma, and my mum was there for a week on holiday. It was a lovely trip, but unfortunately the weekend I was there was also the weekend a hurricane hit Barcelona, so my journey back wasn't quite so pleasant. Mallorca is a beautiful place, and I had the opportunity to take lots of photos which I was very happy about!

In November, I watched the musical 'The Addams Family' performed by the third year musical theatre students. This was even more motivating for me, because they are in the exact position that I will be in in three years time. It showed me that I have so much to learn: every performer on that stage was so talented, skilled, and committed, and it was fantastic to see. It also reminded me why I have chosen to go into the world of musical theatre. It is exciting, emotive, and entertaining, and I can't wait to get performing onstage again as soon as possible.

The 4th November was my birthday, and I turned 20. That's right folks, I'm not a teenager anymore.

On the 22nd November, I attended Thanksgiving for the first time ever. Of course, being English, it's not something I'd experienced before, but the IAB welcomes students from all over the world and my American friends and classmates didn't want to miss out on their traditions while they were away from home. Everyone cooked a dish to share and we got together with about fifty people to eat, chat, and think about what we are thankful for. It was a really nice occasion and I can see now why Americans enjoy it so much.

Thanksgiving also brought me a life-changing pot of mashed potato. I need to get the recipe ASAP.

This season here on Whoops It's Hannah I have shared:
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My favourite things about this season are:
- Autumnal colours. Although here in Sitges there aren't any trees that lose their leaves over winter, I can still enjoy those warm, rich, autumnal colours in other ways. My makeup is shifting to my lovely oranges and reds, as are my clothing choices. Those warm red, orange, and yellow shades are my absolute favourite colours, and I take advantage of Autumn to enjoy them!
- Colder weather. I'm from the north of England, so moving to Spain was a bit of a shock to the system. I was so excited the first morning I felt cold, and I am loving wearing cardigans, jumpers, scarves and gloves at the moment. It's also so much easier to get to sleep now I'm not too hot at night. Hot chocolates and mugs of tea all round - chin chin!
- At the end of October and beginning of November, I was able to go home for a week! I've missed my country, my mum, and my cats so much, and it was absolutely lovely to go back, even if it was for a short time. I'm a little bit jealous of people studying close to home so they can just pop on a train to go home for the weekend, but of course I wouldn't change the opportunity I have!


23 November 2018

Life at Drama School: Two Months In

November 23, 2018 0 Comments

One of the things I've started saying since starting drama school in September is that I've got so much to learn and not enough brain to learn it in.

In just two months, I've already discovered so much about myself and the world of performing arts. Some of it is fantastic, like the way my vocal chords work and how I can shape them and modify them to create a whole new sound as I sing and act. Some of it is not so great, like the fact that, from a dancer's perspective, I have been standing up incorrectly for my entire life.

University life itself is hard work. Most of us our living independently for the first time, having to cook and clean and keep ourselves alive for the first time ever. On top of that, we're experiencing new things, meeting new people, and making a start on our adult lives. AND we're working hard in and out of class to try and get a degree.

In my opinion, drama school is just an extra level of hard work. You've got the physically gruelling aspect of having hours and hours of dance training a week, stretching you and building your stamina and technique. You've got to bare your soul to your classmates and teachers at nine am on a Tuesday morning in order to open yourself up to be an accessible and emotive actor. You can't just sing anymore, you've got to consciously raise or lower your larynx, understand how the vocal chords stretch and shorten to give you different notes, and sing expressively at the same time. The level of focus, concentration, and effort to become a musical theatre performer is unreal.

And alongside the work, you've got to think about how you present yourself all the time. Your professional life starts here, and the days of rocking up to class in fuzzy bed socks and a Starbuck's cup in your hands are over. Suddenly you have to look polished all the time, in correct uniform (including hair and makeup), and looking bright eyed and bushy tailed in a 9am lecture. You've got to present yourself positively, making sure you come across to everyone you meet as though you're easy to work with and get along with.

Yes, drama school is exhausting, and draining emotionally and physically, but I can honestly say that the decision I made to attend a drama school was the best decision of my life.

Already, so many positives have come from it. I've met some absolutely incredible people from all over the world. They are kind, they are emotional, and they are driven. There's no people like show people and I'm proud to have them as my friends and classmates. It helps that a lot of us live together as well so we cook together, eat together, and hang out together. I'm surprised there's been no murder.

I've learned about the muscles in my body and larynx, making me more aware of what I'm doing and how. I've far from mastered my use of these muscles and the techniques I've been taught, but that's what I'm here for, I suppose.

I've become more open, and I'm not as scared of failure or embarassing myself anymore. I've done exercises where I've had to look people intensely in the eyes for over a minute, which makes you feel exposed and vulnerable but at the same time a lot closer to the people in the room. I've been led around a crowded room by just one hand while my eyes were closed, which creates a trust and a bond that I've never experienced with another person before. I've learned to express what I'm thinking and feeling to other people, instead of just hiding them away so I don't come across as overly emotional.

And finally, I've learned that I can do a lot more than I thought I could.

Before I came here, I thought I'd most likely starve to death, and instead I've learned to love cooking and I keep myself fed with good, tasty food. I thought I'd never ever pass for a dancer, and I've learned the technique for the perfect flat back, which has eluded me for years. I thought my singing voice was just what it is, and I'd never be able to change it, and learnt that not only is that not the case, but I also know now how to do it.

Just to sum up; life at drama school so far has been exhausting, frustrating, overwhelming, and absolutely incredible. I can't wait to see where the next three years take me.

10 November 2018

The Body Shop 'Matte Lip Liquid' Swatches

November 10, 2018 0 Comments
When I was a consultant for The Body Shop at Home, I added all twelve (at the time) of their 'Matte Lip Liquids' to my collection to show to my customers. This is my favourite liquid lipstick formula - it dries down to a beautiful matte finish but it's not overly drying so it's comfortable to wear. I also think all of the shades are really pretty, although some suit me more than others! For a while now, I've wanted to show off these lipsticks in this sort of post for you to see the shades on to see what you thought!

Windsor Rose
This is a cool-toned nude shade, and it's honestly really gorgeous. It's more brown than pink, which I like, since most 'nude' lipsticks look more pink to me. This shade applies really evenly and is totally opaque with just one layer in my experience.

Crete Carnation
Crete Carnation is similar to Windsor Rose in my opinion, but it's more pink than brown, and I'd say it's not as cool-toned. Like Windsor Rose though, it applies evenly and smoothly with just one application, and it's a shade I really enjoy wearing with both dramatic and natural eye looks!

Tapei Orchid
This shade is a delicate, natural pink shade. It's slightly cool-toned, and honestly I'm not convinced that it suits me as my skin tone is so pink as well. It applies ever so slightly patchy, but after a second layer it is perfectly opaque.

Nairobi Camellia
This is one of my absolute favourite shades. It's a warm-toned deep nude shade, and I personally think it suits me a lot (in fact I think it suits everyone I've seen wearing it). It's really wearable, applies evenly with one layer, and goes with both dramatic and natural looks; it's a shade that I'd recommend picking up.

Cali Gerbera
Cali Gerbera is a true orange shade, and it's the first shade that I picked up from this range! I can't decide whether I like this shade or not to be honest. It's slightly pastel, rather than a vibrant orange, and I personally think that makes it appear slightly strange on me. It doesn't not suit me, but I don't think it's my perfect shade. However, it applies very evenly and is pigmented.

Paris Peony
I'd call both this shade and the following shade a 'Barbie Pink', but this is the more warm-toned of the two. It applies nice and evenly, but I never wear it because I don't think that it suits me much. If you like pinks, it's a nice lipstick. If you don't, skip it.

Tokyo Lotus
This is another 'Barbie Pink' shade, I think with a bit more blue than the previous shade. Personally, I think that this suits me more than 'Paris Peony' but it doesn't really go with many of the eye looks that I do (the neutral one that you see in this post is rare for me). Nonetheless, it applies very nicely, so I would recommend it if you enjoy wearing pink lipsticks.

Goa Magnolia
This is a deep pink shade. I personally found that it applied rather patchy, even after a second layer. This is a shame because, in my opinion, the shade is really pretty, but you can sort of see in the pictures I took that it doesn't apply particularly evenly!

Sydney Amaryllis
This is another one of my favourite shades from this range. It's a bright orangey-red shade that is really unique in my opinion - it's not a shade I've really seen before. At first, it doesn't apply with a lot of pigment, but after a second layer it gives good coverage and looks very even.

Tahiti Hibiscus
Next up is another one of my favourite shades: 'Tahiti Hibiscus'. It applies really nicely; it's even and pigmented, but you can layer it up for even more pigment without it looking cakey and ridiculous. The bright true red shade suits everyone I've seen wearing it, and I think it looks beautiful with both dramatic and more neutral eye looks.

Mauritius Dahlia
This deep red shade is really pretty, but unfortunately it's another one that is rather patchy. Even with a second layer, it's not completely smooth and even, which is disappointing because this gorgeous shade wants showing off! You could potentially apply a third layer to stop it being patchy, but that would most likely make the lipstick appear rather cakey. It's not awful, but it could be better. (It does look good with my hair tho)

Sicily Iris
This is the darkest shade in the range, and is a deep plummy red. I love the colour, but again it appears rather patchy. My main issue with this shade is that it rubs off really unevenly when you eat. Most lipsticks leave you with what looks like lip liner, and it's really easy just to fill it in when you've finished munching, but this one rubs off in a really patchy way that is then really difficult to cover up. If you plan on eating or drinking while you've got this lipstick on, either bring makeup remover to remove it thoroughly and reapplying, or just go with a different lipstick because it does make it look awful. When you're just wearing it without eating or drinking though, it's a really lovely shade.

And with that, there are twelve matte liquid lipsticks from The Body Shop swatched. Let me tell you, when I finished doing the pictures for this post, my lips were sore. All that lipstick took its toll! Which shade is your favourite?

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3 November 2018

Deep Floral OOTD

November 03, 2018 0 Comments


A couple of months ago, I was perusing the Lindybop sale section and came across this beautiful dress. It's got a print of autumnal toned flowers on a dark background, and is made of a stretchy material so you don't have to wrestle with a zip to wear it. In case you can't guess, I love it, and I thought it would be perfect to finish off my series of 'Outfit of the Day posts'!


The dress itself originally came with a belt, but I very rarely use those to be honest. They can be a nice way of accentuating your waist if you want to wear them, but most swing and circle dresses cinch in your waist anyway.


In my opinion the dress runs quite large, and is rather stretchy as well. I'm a UK size 14 and picked up a size 14, and it's rather roomy. If you'd prefer not to have it as loose, I'd recommend sizing down.


My cardigan is from Sea Salt, and I absolutely love it. It looks like it was designed to go with this dress, since the orange in the flowers match the orange in the cardigan perfectly. The style of the cardigan is also cropped, but cropped in a flattering way, not a muffin-top-exposing-stop-calling-me-out-I-like-chocolate way. It's also made from really high quality material and is really soft.


For shoes, I once again wore my grey Primark T-bars. I've said in other posts that they're comfortable and go with a lot of things, and I think they're really worth picking up if you like them.


I think that this is a look that would be perfect for Autumn, and you definitely wouldn't look out of place posing in front of an orange, autumnal tree wearing this! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you'd like to see similar posts in the future, please follow me on social media using the links in my sidebar for updates when I post!