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24 March 2017

Social Media Etiquette

March 24, 2017 0 Comments

Hello everyone!

If you're anything like me, you'll spend a lot of time on social media. Whether it's Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Facebook, you spend plenty of time scrolling and taking in that information. While doing this, I've noticed a few things people do when using social media that I think is a bit of a misstep, similar to chewing with your mouth open. If we have table manners, we should have Twitter manners, no? Yes. Here are a few things I'd recommend doing to make your social media use enjoyable for everyone.

17 March 2017

Experieces, Not Things

March 17, 2017 0 Comments
Hello everyone!

Recently I was inspired by Eventbrite to think about what I want to experience this year instead of what I want to buy. This could mean spending my money on anything from a fitness class to a music festival, as opposed to buying more and more things you don't really need. Their campaign Experiences, Not Things is all about appreciating time and experiences with your family and friends rather than materialistic things and you can even use their online event registration software to easily set up your own amazing experiences! Because of this inspiration, I've put together a 2017 experience bucket list.

10 March 2017

Urban Decay Haul and Unboxing

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

Hello everyone!

Over the weekend I went looking for the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation, and naturally, I ended up with an order worth over £100. It arrived today and I'm very excited to use what I got! I thought some of you may be interested in what I got, so I have a haul /unboxing for you now!

3 March 2017

February Favourites

March 03, 2017 1 Comments
I apologise for the lack of pictures in this post. I've been performing in Little Shop of Horrors all week so I haven't had time to take/edit any! I hope you enjoy reading the post regardless, hopefully I can add pictures over the weekend.

Well, that's another month gone.

And February was another month of discovering new favourites and returning to old ones, so I thought I would kick off March with another Favourites post. Let me know in the comments what you've been enjoying this month!