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29 May 2016


May 29, 2016 4 Comments


Today's post isn't exactly beauty related, but it is about hair which kind of counts in my mind! Hopefully you don't mind me sharing these links here.

The Little Princess Trust is a wonderful charity that provides wigs free of charge to children across the UK who have lost their hair through illnesses and their treatments. They accept donations of hair to make their wigs out of, which is why I'm cutting mine, and they also accept donations of money to help buy in specially made wigs if none of the donated hair is suitable for a certain child. I'm donating almost 14 inches of my hair to the Little Princess Trust, and alongside that I'm asking for donations to raise a target of £350 so the charity can buy in a wig if they need to.

The length of my hair before the
chop! It's almost 75cm long.
Ever since I could grow it, my hair has been long. At the moment, it's past my hips! I know that if I were to suddenly lose all my hair in clumps, it would be very difficult for me. On top of feeling insecure, the children the charity support are also very ill, and undergoing intense treatments that leave them exhausted and sick. Donations of hair and money can help a poorly child keep hold of some of their confidence in the face of the difficulties they're facing, and to me, that's definitely a worthy cause.

If you would like to donate, HERE is a link to the JustGiving page I've set up. Alternatively, you can text 'HLPT98 £5' to donate five pounds (change the number you type to change the amount of your donation - you're not limited to £5!) to the charity. Every penny of your donation goes to the Little Princess Trust, and if you're a UK tax payer, you can opt to GiftAid your donation so the government gives extra money on top of your donation without an extra charge to you! If you're not in a position to donate, you can share either this blog post or the link to my JustGiving page, so that more people can see it and we can raise as much money for the Little Princess Trust as we can!

I'm nervous about cutting my hair, but I'm very excited at the same time. I've wanted a change for a while and I'm happy to be supporting such a worthwhile charity. We'll see how I look with shoulder-length hair on Thursday!

Thank you for all your help and support!

17 May 2016

I Need More Skincare Products!

May 17, 2016 2 Comments


Taking care of your skin is hugely important, but it's something I'm very lazy about. Today I was going to write about my skincare routine, but I realised that I don't have one I'm happy with, and if I don't really like the products I'm using, how can I recommend them to my readers?

So here's a little midweek post asking for help - do you have any skincare products that you love and would recommend? I have combination skin - oily in some patches, dry in others, and I'm not prone to breakouts or spots.

If, in the future, I've found some skincare products I really love, you'll see a post on here about them as I love using my blog to share reviews and recommendations of products.

Thanks in advance for your help!

8 May 2016

Makeup to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

May 08, 2016 0 Comments

I have very large eyes, and I get a lot of compliments on them. They're the first thing most people seem to notice about me, and I'm often told that people wish they had large eyes like mine. Perhaps you can't physically make your eyes bigger, but you don't need to be a professional makeup artist to use a couple of tricks to make them look bigger. I'm coming at you today with a tutorial to easily create the illusion of larger eyes.

I've combined a couple of tricks that I've read make your eyes look bigger. This look really isn't difficult to recreate, either, so you'll be doing your own illusion in no time!

To find out how to recreate this look, keep reading!

1. I started by priming underneath my eyes using my Body Shop 'Matte It' primer.

2. Next, I applied my Seventeen 'Stay Time' concealer in 'Extra Fair' on my under eye area and set this in place using the Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder in 'Transparent'.

3. To make my brows look less sparse, I filled them in using my Freedom 'Brow Powder Duo' in 'Dark Brown', and combed through them with a spoolie to get the hairs in shape.

4. I applied a light bronze shade on my entire eyelid.

5. I then combined a darker bronze and a touch of black on my brush, before taking a plastic spoon (sounds crazy, but bear with me) and placing it over my eye, with the top edge pressed into the spot just below the crease. I then went above the spoon with my brush, filling the crease with the darker shade and creating a sharp line between the two. This creates a cut crease look, which I've read makes for bigger looking eyes.

6. I added a white shade into the inner corner of my eye for a highlight. This also makes your eyes look wider, making you look more alert.

7. Next, I curled my lashes very thoroughly, before applying my Maybelline 'The Colossal Go Extreme' mascara in 'Very Black'. I wanted them lifted and curved to make the eye look more open, and I got it.

8. On my waterline, I used a white kohl pencil from Barry M. This is a widely known trick for making your peepers look bigger, and it really works. The white pencil 'extends' the whites of your eyes.

9. Finally, I applied my Revlon Lip Butter in the Shade '050 Berry Smoothie' to my lips, and I was good to go!

Let me know what you thought of this tutorial in the comments below, as well as leaving any suggestions you have for future posts!

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6 May 2016


May 06, 2016 4 Comments

I was nominated by the lovely Amy from amyquitecontrary.wordpress.com for the Liebster award last week. I must admit it's very exciting to be nominated for an award, and I am very grateful for the nomination so thank you Amy!

The following are the six rules nominees should follow:
1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Show off your award on your blog.
3. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
4. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 5-11 bloggers with less than 1000 followers.
6. Create 11 questions of your own for your nominees.
Let's go!

Amy's questions:
1. Who has has the biggest influence on you?
Blog wise, Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg) was the main reason I got interested in makeup when I was about thirteen, and her videos and blog posts still inspire me in my own posts! I trust her recommendations a lot. Life wise, Sierra Boggess and Carrie Hope Fletcher. I want to work in musical theatre one day, so of course I look up to two wonderful theatre actresses. Aside from that, though, they have fantastically positive outlooks on life, and watching them share this positivity has literally made me a happier person in myself!

2. When and why did you start a blog? 
When I was about fourteen, I started my first blog to share my crafting projects. However, I got bored of that one and started WhoopsItsHannah and few months ago to share my love of makeup and beauty with the world!

3. What does writing mean to you?
It's an outlet for my creativity and interests. Blogging is a good way for me to interact with people with a similar interest from the comfort of my laptop. And I like to think that some of my tutorials could make someone feel really good and confident about themselves, which is a lovely thought!

4. Is creativity important to you?
Immensely. I'm on an Art and Design course at the moment because I love to draw and paint. I used to run a craft blog, I still love to sew, I write fiction stories as well as blog posts, and it takes some creativity thinking up new looks makeup-wise! My creativity probably fuels everything I do, to be honest.

5. What is your favorite book?
I really like Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It's one of those books you just have to read, but I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I'm also a huge Twihard - The Twilight Saga is great, I don't even care! Maggie Stiefvater is one of my favourite authors. Her 'Wolves of Mercy Falls' trilogy is well worth a read.

6. What is your favorite quote?
"How could a bird that was born for joy sit in a cage and sing?" - William Blake. C'mon, don't tell me that's not beautiful!

7. What are three of your favourite things to do?Spending time with friends? Going for a walk in nature? Clothes Shopping? Gaming?
Write when I'm on a roll - there's no better feeling than your fingers flying over a keyboard, words flowing naturally. It's great.
Walking through the woods near my house - it's a very tranquil space to go to think and relax.
Applying my makeup - this one's probably pretty obvious considering I've got a beauty blog, but there's something very relaxing and comforting to me about my routine of putting on my makeup!

8. What are your hobbies?
Writing, reading, drawing, typography, singing, flute, YouTube, sewing

9. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Disneyworld Florida - it's always felt like home! Or Jamaica because I saw an episode of 'A Place in the Sun' where they looked at properties in Jamaica and I've wanted to go ever since.

10. What is the hardest thing you have ever done, or the biggest obstacle you have faced?
Applying for a musical theatre course for next September - it's amazing how scary it is when you actually set your dreams in motion!

11. What 3 things do you like most about yourself?( no, ‘nothing’ or ‘I hate myself’ is not an answer, try be positive!luv urself k)
I'm a very positive person, which lifts me up and stops me trying to drag others down. I find it fairly easy to laugh at myself as I don't take myself too seriously. My creativity - I can do a lot when I'm inspired!

Facts about me:
1. The first west end musical I saw was The Lion King when I was eight. I've wanted to work in the west end ever since.
2. I am ridiculously emotional. I once cried because I saw a cute dog and was hoping really hard that it was having a good day.
3. I named one of my two cats Lotte after the song 'Little Lotte' from The Phantom of the Opera.
4. So far, I have achieved Grade 5 on the flute.
5. I like to make dresses and skirts, and I'm always on the hunt for the perfect 50's style pattern!
6. When I was six, I broke my collarbone in York while pretending to be a princess. It's the only time I've ever broken a bone.
7. I can't ride a bike.
8. I spend most evenings wandering the house in a fluffy bunny onesie, complete with rabbit ears and tail.
9. I'm a massive 'Directioner' and have been since I was 13.
10. I have a scar on my forehead from when I tried spinning round a bar over concrete and decided to let go. I was about six at the time.
11. I bought a piece of fabric before Christmas that I have yet to use because I haven't found a dress pattern worthy of it.

Jessica uses her blog to share lots of boards for inspiration for various outifts. Whatever occasion you can think of, What to Style has a post for that. She shares so many pretty bits and pieces it's impossible to not find something for you on her blog.

Even just looking at this girl's blog makes me happy. She posts reviews of all sorts of lovely beauty pieces, as well as offering advice and just all-round relatable posts (I laughed out loud at her RBF post - the number of times people ask me what's wrong every day is overwhelming).

Petite in Pearls is full of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. The photography on this blog is beautiful. Well worth a read if you're looking for outfit inspiration or even a recipe for limoncello!

Cara's blog is full of style. She pairs bright colours, fluff and glitter, with chunky boots and fifty shades of black. The result is amazing. As well as inspiration for such a unique style, she also writes about mental health and feminism as well as various other topics (recently, a post involving cake caught my eye and made me very hungry indeed).

I've been reading Amy's blog for about a year, and I'm still in love. She posts all sorts of lifestyle posts, from interior design and fashion wishlists to restaurant recommendations and travel posts. It's lovely to keep up with what she's doing.

I'm not sure if it's a bit cheeky to nominate Beth as we're friends irl, but as Amy is my friend as well I figured it'd be fine! She posts her thoughts on a range of topics such as self absorption and the urge to write without knowing what you want to write about. Her posts may well make you think, so be sure to check her out.

My questions to you:
1. Is this your first blog? When and why did you start it and any others you've had?
2. Where do you find your inspiration to write?
3. How long does it take you to write your posts from start to finish?
4. What are your hobbies outside of blogging? Are you a secret gamer or painter?
5. Name one thing that is important to you.
6. Do you play any instruments?
7. Who inspires or influences you?
8. Have you ever broken a bone?
9. Were/are you well behaved in school? (it'd be interesting to read if any of you acted up a lot haha)
10. What is one thing you wanted to do when you were younger that you either still want to do or have ended up doing?
11. Describe yourself (POSITIVELY) using seven words or less.

Amy's blog 'Quite Contrary' is a very positive place. She writes lists of happy things and things she's been loving, as well as writing posts of the things she's been doing and thinking recently. I loved looking at her art journal and look forward to seeing more posts like that soon! She's a very creative and lovely person, and definitely worth checking out if you haven't already!

5 May 2016

April Favourites

May 05, 2016 0 Comments


It's that time of the month again (wink, wink) - time to see my favourite products from April!

Everyone has heard of the Naked palettes from Urban Decay, but I wasn't too thrilled with the selection offered by the palettes. Instead, I opted for the individual shadows Urban Decay offer, and I am delighted with them. They apply and blend easily and stay put all day. The colours I chose are beautiful, and perfect for making my blue eyes stand out. I wore them almost every day in April and have yet to be disappointed!

I saw a post featuring an Essie nail polish in a colour I have been searching for for months. I was immediately ordering the same shade, and I've been very impressed with this one and the other three polishes I chose (they were buy one get one free, so naturally I bought four). They are all beautiful colours that apply very easily. With a base coat and top coat, they last very well and only chip the tiniest amount if I've been a bit full on with my hands. When you're on an Art and Design course, your hands and nails end up pretty filthy, but these polishes withstand it well.

I discovered Lizzie about a year ago and loved her channel ever since. She did VEDA this year and I got to see a lot of her wonderful, cheerful personality all month! She and her boyfriend, James, have annual passes to Disneyland in California, so there are all sorts of Disney vlogs and 'Disneybounding' (outfits inspired by Disney films and characters) between their channels. She also does a few DIY tutorials and fun tags and videos, and she's so worth checking out! [P.S her rabbit is really cute I want it]

I only subscribed to Evelyn's channel a couple of months ago, thanks to her being recommended in a video by Hannah Witton, but oh my goodness, this woman is hilarious. Like SoundProofLiz, she did VEDA, and it was packed with stories of Evelyn's life, all told in a ridiculously funny way. I don't understand how she makes me laugh every time I watch her videos, but she does it and I love her for it. She's a great channel to go to if you're looking for a laugh.

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1 May 2016

A Pop of Pink Makeup

May 01, 2016 0 Comments


Today's post is a tutorial to show you how to get this pink eyeshadow look, which I think is perfect for spring.

I tend to go for browns and golds usually, so this hint of subtle colour was a welcome change for me!

To see how to get this look, keep reading!

I started with my base: primer (The Body Shop 'Matte It'), concealer (Seventeen 'Stay Time' in 'Extra Fair') and powder (Rimmel 'Stay Matte' in '001 Transparent'). I then filled in my brows using the Freedom brow powder duo in 'Dark Brown'.

1. Prime the eyes with the Maybelline '24 Hour Colour Tattoo' in the shade '65-Pink Gold'. This will help your eyeshadow last longer. Next, take a light pink shade in the inner corner and halfway across the lid.

2. Take a slightly darker pink across the other half of the lid and up into the crease.

3. With a very bright pink shade, create a 'v' shape on the outer corner of your lid. Take this into the crease as well, stopping in the middle. Blend all three shades together.

4. Keep the eye definition fairly subtle by going in with some black eyeshadow on an angled brush, and taking this all across the lashline. For a hint of drama, add a little bit underneath the bottom lashline as well. Use a black kohl pencil - I use the Barry M ones - into the waterline for extra definition.

5. Finally, use mascara to lengthen your lashes. I used the Maybelline 'The Colossal Go Extreme' in 'Very Black', and used only one coat as I wanted my lashes to look fairly natural and fluttery.

For the lips, I combined two Revlon lip butters in the shades '045 Cotton Candy' and '050 Berry Smoothie'. Finally, I added some L'Oreal 'Glam Shine' lipgloss in the shade '171 Sheer Pink' over the top for some extra shine and shimmer.

Let me know what you thought of this tutorial in the comments, as well as what posts you'd like to see next!