20 September 2018

Show Makeup | 'Our House'

September 20, 2018 0 Comments

Today I wanted to showcase the makeup look I wore while playing Billie in 'Our House'. I adored this role because she's so different to myself; she's chavvy, brash, and outspoken, and it was a really fun and entertaining role to play.

The first thing I applied was my base. I started off with two primers. One was to smoothe my pores, and the other was to leave my skin with a tacky finish so the following layers of makeup would have something to stick to. 

When that had settled, I moved on to foundation. I used the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, which I feel is perfect for shows because it's so high coverage and lasts for ages. I don't like it for everyday use because it oxidises really badly, but that was actually perfect for this as I was playing a chavvy character. I actually mixed in a bit of the same foundation from one of my more tanned friends to make the shade darker so that I could get that hideous unblended line of foundation that doesn't match. Disgusting in real life - perfect for the role.

Following that, I applied concealer over my flaws and baked my undereyes and smile lines using loose powder. I applied a generous dusting of pressed powder on the other areas of my face.

At the time of the show, I hadn't yet learned how to do 'Instagram brows', so I had a friend apply my eyebrows for me. She used eyeshadow to apply bold and big brows, and I discovered that I loved this look on me! I don't do them quite as dramatic in real life, but I think I suit big dramatic brows, which was an interesting development.

After my brows were on, I brushed away the powder and applied some harsh contour and blusher using my Too Faced 'Sweet Peach Glow Kit'. I don't apply highlight for shows because the stage lights make it pure white and you end up looking like a ghost. To make the contour/bronzer darker, I used some of the matte brown shades towards the bottom of my Juvia's Place 'Masquerade' eyeshadow palette.

Moving on to eyes, I put down a base of the Urban Decay Primer Potion, and went for my Juvia's Place 'Masquerade' palette. I chose different colours every night, but I went for the bold and beautiful vibrant shades. I did a pink/purple look, a blue look, and a green look throughout the duration of the show. (This palette is incredible if you love bold and colourful looks by the way -  I use it on and offstage all the time.)

Next, I applied some winged liner, as well as a bit of pencil liner in my waterline. After that, I applied some ultra-dramatic false lashes, and a generous coat of mascara. To set all of my hard work in place, I used a generous amount of Urban Decay's 'Chill' setting spray, and finished up by applying some pink/nude lipstick that I don't think suits me in real life but is brilliant for a role like this.

As I said further up, I loved playing Billie. It's definitely a role I would return to in the future! I hope you're enjoying this series of makeup I've work for shows. Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments!

18 September 2018

Show Makeup | 'The Wind in the Willows'

September 18, 2018 2 Comments
Many of you know that I am a musical theatre student, and part of that involves performing in shows frequently. My most recent production was a musical adaptation of the novel 'The Wind in the Willows'. This was a very exciting project to be a part of, because the company I was with were the first in the north to have the rights to this show after it came off the West End.

In this show, I was playing a squirrel for the first act, and the Gaoler's Daughter in the second. The Gaoler's Daughter in our production was a cat, which was lovely for a cray cat lady like myself to play!

I wanted to show you the makeup look I came up with for this show, as something a little bit different for my blog.

To begin with, I applied my base. Theatre makeup is very different from normal makeup:

It is H E A V Y.

I applied moisturiser to begin with. My favourite is The Body Shop's Vitamin E day time moisturiser. After allowing that to sink in a bit, I applied two primers; one was a blurring primer to smooth my pores and fine lines, and another was a tackier primer that helps my makeup to stay on well.

Following that, I used the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. I don't use this outside of shows, because I find that it oxidises really badly and can look rather cakey if you are heavy handed. However, the coverage is fantastic and it lasts really well, so it is perfect to wear for shows. On my undereyes and any skin imperfections, I used the Kat Von D Lock It concealer. That is a product I adore. It's high coverage, doesn't oxidise, and looks flawless every time. Perfection!

To set that in place, I used a loose powder to bake my undereyes, smile lines, and my forehead. I then used a heck of a lot of pressed powder all over my face. When you're onstage, you sweat a lot, and it's important to use powder to keep your makeup in place and to avoid looking too shiny.

Basic makeup complete, I moved onto my eyebrows. Since I was playing animals, I was able to go a bit more dramatic and bushy than I would normally. I used my ABH Dipbrow Pomade, set my hairs in place using a clear mascara, and finally used the ABH Brow Gel to add more definition to my hairs. I'm normally very careful with this stuff, because it's very pigmented and can get messy, but for this purpose I was very relaxed with my application and allowed it to go where it wanted. The hair-like bristles led to a hairier look to the brows - perfect for a squirrel and a cat.

One of my favourite parts for this look was the contour and shading I did on my face. When I'd finishde my brows, I brushed away the loose powder, and used my Morphe 35F and 35OS palettes to create orange contour all over my face. I laid out the basic shapes with a yellow shade, and then worked into it with oranges and reds for a more dramatic look. I'm a redhead, so I was playing a red squirrel and a ginger cat, so these oranges were perfect for the look. I made sure to blend thoroughly, and I was thrilled with the result of this - I thought it looked really cool.

Moving onto the eyes, I laid down a base of my Urban Decay Primer Potion, which I couldn't do without. I then went into the same palettes I used for my contour, and did an orange and red smokey eye. I was able to go nice and dramatic with this, since it was for onstage, which is something I love doing. I did thick winged eyeliner for that 'cat eye' effect, and added black pencil liner to my waterline for definition. I then added some fluttery falsies and a generous coating of mascara.

Finally came the animal details. I used a black shade from the red solid lipstick you can get online at Lush, and carefully painted an animal shaped nose for myself. I then used a matte black eyeshadow to set it in place so it wouldn't smudge. For my lips, I applied a light layer of Vaseline so I didn't die, then used the same black lipstick on my top lip only and set it with the eyeshadow as well.

After a generous spritz of setting spray, my makeup was complete and I was ready to put on my microphone and get onstage!

15 September 2018

What does 'Cruelty Free' Mean? (no testing pictures)

September 15, 2018 2 Comments

[There will be no images of animal testing in this post, and if there are any in a site I link to from this page, I will make that clear. This post is about facts, not shock.]
You may have seen the term 'Cruelty Free' bouncing around everywhere recently, particularly if you follow me here on my blog or across my social media. But what exactly does it mean?

In the world of beauty, 'cruelty free' means that a cosmetic or skincare product has not been tested on animals, nor have the ingredients in it. If a blogger or person says that they are cruelty free, it means that they don't purchase or endorse products that have been tested on animals.

Animal testing can include irritation tests on the eyes or skin, where chemicals or product are rubbed onto an animal's shaved skin or their eyes to see if there is any negative reaction or side effects. These chemicals or products can also be injected into an animal's skin, muscles, stomach, or throat for further toxity tests. Some animals are also forced to consume large doses of chemicals to see what the lethal dose is, as though that somehow reflects how much a human can safely consume. As well as that, animals are subjected to repeated force feeding over a period of months, to see whether any of the ingredients used in products have long-term effects such as contributing to cancer or other diseases. When the testing is complete, the animals are killed by decapitation, asphyxiation, or their necks are broken. All of that is carried out without pain relief. [Source]

Animals used in cosmetic testing include: rabbits, rats, mice, monkeys, dogs, cats, fish and many more [Source], and half a million animals are tested on annually throughout the world [Source]. All of these animals are capable of experiencing fear and pain, and no measures are in place to help relieve them of that.

Alternatives to animal testing do exist. Replication human skin has been grown in laboratories, and more accurately reflects the effects ingredients and products would have on humans than animal testing does. Research has already been conducted on thousands of chemicals used in cosmetics, and we no longer need to test the same ingredients and formulas time and time again. Humans can be given small doses of ingredients to see the long-term effect on human tissues and cells without affecting the entire body. [Source]

These alternatives to animal testing are not only kinder, they are also more cost-effective, and are actually more eco-friendly than the continued toxity tests of animal tested products. They are more accurate than animal tests as well; a harmful dose to a mouse would barely affect a human being, and there are countless examples of studies that showed no effect on animals, but then when humans were exposed to the substance it led to issues. Look up the results of experiments on the link between glass fibres and cancer, and you'll see what I mean.

As consumers, we have a lot of power.
If we buy things, and show that we like it and it's a beneficial investment for a company, they'll keep producing that and similar products. Likewise, if we show that we are unhappy with something and stop purchasing a certain product, the company will soon realise that it isn't cost-effective to keep working on it and will scrap it. If a moisturiser that actually dried skin out hit the market, no doubt it would flop, and the company that created it would quickly be discontinued.

For that reason, I encourage you to make a choice about whether animal testing in cosmetics bothers you or not. If it doesn't, thanks for reading this far anyway (though I'd encourage you to do more research to see if you could change your mind). And if it does, make a change.

A quick Google search will tell whether a company is cruelty free or not, and I recommend the site Cruelty Free Kitty as an excellent place to start.

Go through your makeup bag and see which products are cruelty free, and which are not, and make the conscious decision to only repurchase the ones that are. Sometimes, this decision can be really hard, particularly if you discover that your favourite lipstick has been tested on animals, but some things are more important than our vanity, in my opinion at least. Make a list on your phone or in a notebook to keep track, and take your phone with you when you're going shopping so you can look up brands and see if they are cruelty free.

If everyone who wore makeup made this same effort, companies would realise their mistake in supporting and allowing animal testing. There'd be no more money coming in, and they would be forced to change their ethics and practices to encourage customers to go back to them again. And even if only you and I stick to cruelty free products, it feels damn good to know for a fact that the products on your face haven't caused another living creature harm.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you have found it helpful and informative. Be sure to follow me on social media using the links in my sidebar to find more cruelty free information, tutorials, reviews, hauls and more.

Here are five of my favourite cruelty free brands:
- Barry M
- Urban Decay
- Lush
- The Body Shop
- Anastasia Beverly Hills
There are hundreds out there for you to explore and support so that you can enjoy beauty without the use of animal testing.

11 September 2018

'So You Want to be in Musicals' by Ruthie Henshall Review

September 11, 2018 0 Comments
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

This book was on my reading list for drama school, and I think it was an excellent choice of book to start with.

It is simply laid out into five sections revolving around the Musical Theatre industry: Training, Auditioning, Rehearsing, Performing, and Working. This made the whole book easy to read, although I feel that the 'Working' section is not as useful to me at this stage as it will be later on, so I didn't take as much from that section as I did the others.

By far the two most useful sections for me currently were the 'Training' and 'Auditioning' sections, as of course they are the most relevant to me at this stage. That said, all the sections offer useful advice, and lots of helpful tips of things that seem obvious but may possibly be overlooked.

I thought that the style of writing was enjoyable. It's informative without coming across as condescending. As well as that, Ruthie Henshall came across authentically in the book; it felt as though I was taking valuable advice from a friend and mentor, as opposed to some pretentious, distant narrator. Parts are a tad repetitious, but I take this to mean that the author is stressing the importance of the point by repeating it, although I can see how that would be frustrating for some readers. However, the genuinely good advice includes personal anecdotes and helpful resources, which are a welcome addition.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, and it is a valuable addition to the reading list of any aspiring performers.

4 September 2018

Bullet Journal | September 2018

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I enjoyed blogging about my bullet journal last month (you can read that post here) and I wanted to do that again this month. This month's theme is based on this image which I found on Pinterest. I use Pinterest a lot for bullet journal inspiration, and actually have a board dedicated to it! You can follow that here. I loved the cosy feeling of the lanterns and stars from that image, and felt they would be perfect as we get into Autumn, and I also wanted to branch out into drawing more in my journal, so this reference image provided the perfect inspiration!

My title page was almost an exact copy of the Pinterest image. Of course I changed 'June' to 'September', otherwise my spread would be very confusing! Other than that though, they are pretty similar, and this is actually my favourite title page in my journal. I love that cosy feeling that this conjures up; it just makes me imagine sitting under a tree with hanging lanterns in while watching the sun set! I chose not to use a ruler for the straight-down lines for the lanterns, since I think that would have made it appear too structured, and the wreath that I did around the 'September' is four different circles with different types of waves, and I like the layered look of that.

Here is a look at the calendar that I put together, just to jot down significant dates (which there will be many of this month!) and other things that don't necessarily need to go into my weekly or daily to-do lists. I really loved the way the sort of draped stars and lanterns looked on the previous page, so I decided to continue that through on this one. If you were wondering how large I make the boxes, I have a dotted notebook and each day is three boxes along and four boxes down. That size fits really comfortably on the page and is still enough room to write what you need to in.

On the next page over, I wrote down this little quote. I had seen Mamma Mia 2 a few days before I started setting up the month of September, and had the song 'I Wonder' well and truly stuck in my head. That song and that quote feels really relevant to me this month because it's the month I'm moving to Spain and starting drama school! This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I need to remember to take advantage of and appreciate it. It did take me several times to get the 'lifetime' to fit neatly on the page, but once I worked it out I think it looks rather nice! I also liked the look of a bit of empty space underneath, so the quote and decorations only take up the top half of the page. It's an interesting layout that I personally enjoyed creating and looking at.

As I mentioned previously, this month I'm moving to Spain, so I decided to set up a packing list so I can tick things off as I pack them all. I actually did this spread before I started setting up the rest of the month, so I hadn't yet decided on a theme. Because of that, I think this spread looks slightly out of place, but I added a few stars around the borders of my lists to tie the pages in with the rest of the monthly layout. I thought that setting up various categories for my list was the easiest way to organise everything; I have 'Dance Shoes', 'Dancewear', 'Eqipment List', 'Extra Equipment', 'Clothes', 'Toiletries', 'Room Decor', 'Makeup', 'Essentials', and 'Documents'. We shall have to wait and see whether I forget anything, but with any luck I'll have all I need with me when I arrive!

Over the page, I have my goals for the month. They are all related to my move to Spain, because of course that's the massive thing for me to accomplish this month. My first goal is to pack for Barcelona, hopefully putting my packing lists to use so I remember everything! The next is to move to Spain, which I'll be doing completely independently as I'm leaving my mum in England. I'll consider that goal completed when I arrive at my accomodation in one piece! My final goal is to enrol at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, which will officially be happening on the 18th September. Fun fact about this page: I forgot to cross one of the 't's in goal three. Yes, it's bugging me too.

I decided to skip habit trackers for this month, since I knew it was going to be a bit chaotic and it would be hard to keep track of my habits. So I skipped forward to the weekly spreads, and I decided to do a running layout because again, some days will be hectic and I may not have time to fill out a to-do list. So to avoid wasting time and space, I decided to just write things in the journal as and when I feel like it using this more fluid layout. We'll see how I feel about next month.

Finally, here is a look at the tools I used to create this month's layout. On the packing list pages, I used coloured pencils. To map out what I was going for, I used a pencil from Kikki K that's the ideal softness for me, and is my go-to pencil, if that's a thing you can have! I used a 0.1mm fineliner for the fine details I drew, the 0.4mm for slightly chunkier drawings, and an 0.8mm fineliner for writing main titles and things that I wanted a little bit more thickness for. The gold details are a metallic gold pen, and I draw the gold blobs before creating the fineliner outlines, because otherwise they don't show through the gold.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and that it's provided a bit of inspiration for your monthly spreads in your bullet journal if you have one! Thank you for reading, be sure to follow me using the links in my sidebar to see future posts like this one.

1 September 2018

The Peppered Pig and The Pig Inn In-Depth Review

September 01, 2018 0 Comments
The exterior of The Pig Inn
I recently went to visit my family in Yorkshire to catch up and say goodbye before I set off for university in Spain. While we there, we stayed at The Pig Inn at the Peppered Pig at Turnbridge. I thought I might share my review of the place here on my blog in case anyone was interested!
We were in the Huntingdon Room (Room 7).

The beds were very comfortable.
When we arrived, we were greeted and checked in by a very friendly and polite man. It was a very warm welcome and an efficient check in, and we were shown to our rooms as well instead of just being sent on our merry way. My mum and I stayed in the Huntingdon room, which is the accessible room downstairs, and my aunt was in the Yorkshire White room upstairs.
We loved that they stuck to the branding of pigs throughout the restaurant and hotel; there were lots of statues and ornaments of pigs, as well as paintings of farm animals which were done by local artists. The rooms were all named after breeds of pigs, and of course the menu featured plenty of pork, bacon, and ham, which I'm sure is delightful for a meat eater!
Little piggies everywhere!
My mum and I shared a twin room which we liked a lot. The beds were wonderfully comfortable and clean; with fluffy pillows, soft matresses, and nice thick duvets. The bedding felt luxurious, which we appreciated a lot, as we've stayed in places before that have seemed to scrimp on that, and it can make such a difference to your sleep! One thing we did notice about the beds was that the brakes hadn't been put on after moving them apart from being a double into a twin, and we couldn't work out how to put them on ourselves. We did sometimes feel a bit precarious when clambering onto the bed!
Big french doors leading onto a private patio
The room was incredibly light and airy, due to the large windows we had to one side, with doors that led out onto a little patio area. When we arrived, it was offered to have furniture put on that patio, but we decided not to because we wouldn't be around a lot of the time as of course we'd be visiting family, however that option was offered should you want it, which was lovely.
I loved the decor!
We did feel that a couple of things were missing from the main bedroom. The only mirror was in the bathroom over the sink, and while it was very large and clean, we did think that a full length mirror in the bedroom would be nice, or a mirror over the desk area so you could sit there to do your makeup. We also saw that there was only one bin, which again was in the bathroom, and there actually wasn't a bin bag in it which struck us as rather odd. Both those things obviously wouldn't have killed us, but we did think that a bin and mirror in the room as well as the bathroom would have been beneficial!
Our bathroom
An outdoor seating area
They provided toiletries in the bathroom that smelled heavenly, and we really enjoyed the body lotion in particular - a good choice from the management at The Pig Inn! The bathroom itself was very clean and modern, with a rainforest shower as well as a handheld one which was a nice addition. As I mentioned further up, the room we were in was the accessible one, so the shower was a modern walk-in one.
We stayed there for two nights, and did notice that the room wasn't serviced while we were out after the first night. Of course the room hadn't gotten filthy overnight, but we did think that it would have been nice just to pop in to replenish the milk, tea bags, coffee sachets and things like that while we were out. Our towels also hadn't been replaced, which was a shame, as they were still slightly damp to dry ourselves with after a shower on the second night. Obviously the room didn't need vacuuming and we didn't need the bedding changed after just one night, although we did think that replenishing the things I mentioned would have been appreciated.
This is a seating area upstairs
Outside of the bedrooms, there were several lovely communal sitting areas. The decor of The Pig Inn and The Peppered Pig is straight out of Pinterest - it's done in a quirky yet tasteful mismatched style, and was right up my alley. I really enjoyed looking at all the different coffee tables and sofas and chairs and choosing a favourite! These sitting areas were really pleasant places to relax with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate at the end of the night.
I adored these patchwork chairs!
It was really sunny while we were there, and we found several nice areas to sit outside as well. There was a covered patio which I loved, and there was also an open air dining area, a couple of outdoor sofas and benches, and a fire pit which I know would be lovely during the autumn and winter! Overall, there were lots of relaxing spaces to sit with a cuppa and a book, so if that is your thing, you'd really enjoy yourself here.
In the morning, we really enjoyed breakfast. There weren't very many vegetarian options, but you could easily request for the meat not to be included and the serving staff and chefs were happy to oblige. On the first day, I had Eggs Benedict without the ham, and I thought the poached eggs were cooked to perfection! The toast was made with fresh crusty bread, and I really enjoyed it. It was my first time trying the sauce that comes with Eggs Bendict, and I wasn't overly thrilled with it, but I think that's due to my taste rather than it being prepared badly. My aunt had avocado and poached egg on toast, and my mum had pancakes. All of our meals were perfectly cooked and really generous portions.
The coffees came with these little pig shortbreads!
On the second day, I had the pancakes. They are supposed to come with bacon but of course I asked for them without, so they came with just the jug of maple syrup. The pancakes were delicious and again cooked to perfection. I did feel that they'd have been nice with a banana, which unfortunately wasn't in the fruit bowl on offer. I think that they could either put a couple of bananas in the fruit bowl, or offer the pancakes on the menu with bacon or with banana. It just would have been a nice extra on them! My aunt had scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toast, and my mum had just scrambled egg on toast. They looked absolutely delicious, and we all ate every bite of our breakfasts!
Mmmmm... Pancakes...
Off to one side, they offered cold breakfast; a few little boxes of cereals, a fruit salad, a fruit bowl with oranges and apples, and jugs of juice and milk (not in the same jug, I think I worded that strangely). I did think they could extend this range of cold offerings. They could possibly do some cold meats and cheeses, as well as some pastries and muffins and things. Of course I know that these would cost the hotel more, so I understand why they weren't there, although if the cost could be worked out I think they'd be an excellent addition that would elevate the breakfast to the next level.
Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at The Pig Inn and I personally would recommend it!

In the evening, we ate at The Peppered Pig restaurant.
The beautiful dining room
On the first night, we had a family meal at the restaurant, so in total there were 13 of us around the table. I felt that the waiting staff dealt with this very well, as I would be stressed out by such a large party, but they dealt with us in a friendly and polite way. All of our requests were met (having a meal without the meat, having a starter as a main, having a snack as a starter, etc.) and they didn't make us feel like we were making unnecessary requests or making things harder for them. I felt that they all had a good work ethic and treated us very well. All of our meals were correct as well, despite our changes to the menu.
Pimm's and Lemonade
That night, I shared a portion of Brie Fritters with my mum as a starter. They were listed on the menu as a snack, but the staff were very accomodating and let us have it as a starter with no problem. These were served with a cranberry sauce, and were absolutely lovely! They were perfectly crisp on the outside, melted all the way through on the inside, and the sauce added a lovely fruity flavour to the mild taste of the cheese. I really enjoyed this as a starter and would recommend it.
Following that, I had the Halloumi and Roasted Veg. This is officially a starter, but you are able to turn it into a 'Little Meal' so I decided to do that because I adore halloumi cheese. The menu didn't specify what the vegetables were, so I pictured courgettes, peppers, tomatoes, and onions, because those are what I roast with halloumi at home. However, it was actually served with diced beetroot and courgette, and probably some other vegetables that were stained red with the beetroot so I couldn't tell what they are. I don't actually like beetroot much at all, so I was a bit concerned, but I could actually hardly taste it so it didn't bother me at all. The halloumi was delicious, and I had a side of triple cooked chips as well which were fantastic. Both of those things were full of flavour and cooked beautifully.
Brie Fritters
For pudding, I decided to have the Chocolate Fondant, which is like a chocolate souffle that melts in the middle. It's served with vanilla ice cream and a couple of strawberries. This was my favourite thing that I ate that evening - it was absolutely incredible. The chocolate was rich and gooey, and the ice cream was the perfect partner. I'd really really recommend this if you love chocolate - it's genuinely the perfect pudding for us chocoholics!
Chocolate Fondant
My family who had been there before said that they were disappointed with the speed of the service, because previously it was served really efficiently. However, I think that the long wait in between courses was due to the fact that there were so many of us, and some of us had starters and some didn't so I imagine the timings were tricky to work out. The serving sizes were also very generous, so I honestly appreciated the gap in between courses to allow my food to settle. It's perhaps worth pointing out though that we sat down at quarter past seven and finished our meal at about ten o clock which should give you some idea of just how long our meal lasted.
The function room
On the second night, only three of us dined in the restaurant, and the service was insanely fast then, which is why I would say that being a larger party affected it. Almost as soon as an empty plate was taken away, our next course arrived. It was so impressive that even our server remarked that the food was coming out of the kitchen nice and efficiently!
That night, I had the Brie Fritters to start again, and again I enjoyed them a lot. Instead of sharing, I had the three fritters to myself, and I think that's an excellent size for a starter if you enjoy having one. There's not so much food that you're already full up by the time your main arrives, but they aren't stingy in the slightest.
A barstool made from a milk churner!
As a vegetarian,  I was disappointed by the choice. You could size up the halloumi and veg if you chose to, and there also french onion soup as a starter that sounded nice. Other than that, there were two veggie mains: a beetroot burger (I mentioned further up that I don't like beetroot), and a ragout made with pearl barley that my mum had the night before. I tried a bit of that when my mum had it and while it was tasty. I did feel that I wouldn't have enjoyed a whole portion to myself personally. Because I wasn't really tempted by any of the veggie options, I decided to have what I call a 'Pescatarian Moment' and chose to have fish and chips.
Seating carved from natural wood
The batter on the fish was perfectly crisp, but there wasn't all that much flavour to it. It was served with the same style of chips that I had the night before and again, I really enjoyed those. The fish itself was honestly really bland, and my aunt had the Cod Supreme that night and said the same thing. We added squirts of lemon to our fish, as well as salt and pepper, and it was still really not that flavoursome. My fish was served with a really nice herby sauce though, and I enjoyed that on the fish, but without that it would have been really disappointing.
Fish and chips
I will say that I worked in a chippy for six months, and may have been slightly spoiled when it comes to fish and chips, since the place I worked was gooooooood. Shout out to Neptune's Fish and Chips in Lancaster. I think that the chefs could definitely go for a bit more seasoning while cooking the fish, and maybe incorporate some herbs into the batter for a fancier twist on battered fish that adds a bit more flavour. It might be nice to maybe try a smoked fillet of fish as well, since that's not the sort of think you get in a chippy and would be really tasty in my opinion. However, that sauce and the chips really deserve praise!
Ameretto and Mandarin
As far as meaty options go, they're very generous. There is chicken and pork on the main menu, as well as a large choice of steaks on the grill menu. If you eat meat, you'll be spoiled for choice here, so I wouldn't criticise the menu in that regard. For a vegetarian though, the menu is definitely lacking. My mum pointed out that it would be really nice to serve a salad as a main, since all the vegetables they served were really fresh and we thought a salad would be no difference. They could have the option to add chicken, smoked salmon, or cheese for an extra price, and maybe come up with a recipe for their own Peppered Pig salad dressing that they could potentially sell in the deli they have on site. I also thought that a pasta dish would not go amiss. Even just a simple macaroni cheese or pesto pasta adds another vegetarian option, and can be made more special than it sounds with some fresh produce and little twists on those traditional dishes. All that said, the staff were very accomodating at altering menu items so the meat could be taken off, and I really can't knock the choice if you're a meat eater. The clue is in the name as well - of course the Peppered Pig has plenty of options for those of you who love pork, bacon, ham, and sausages.
That night for pudding, I again had the Chocolate Fondant, because I just couldn't keep away from it! It was delicious once again. My mum ordered the Creme Brulee and I tried a bit of that, and I can say that that was fantastic as well. It was rich and creamy, and the sugared top was perfectly crisp and sweet. The three of us agreed that the desserts are the crowning glory of the restaurant, so if you're a pudding lover, it's definitely worth checking out.
I feel it's worth mentioning that the drinks menu was extensive and we were really impressed. They have a large selection of wines, as well as a large selection of gin as well. I tried a lavendar gin and a pink gin, but there were many more available to try, so if you're a fan of gin and/or wine, you'll be pleased with the selection. They also offered drinks in mason jars that my mum and tried on the second night. My mum had Pimm's and lemonade, which was absolutely lovely, and I had Ameretto and Mandarin which I loved. It was absolutely delicious and I'd really recommend trying it if it sounds like something you would like.
So that's all the thoughts I had on The Peppered Pig and The Pig Inn. I hope you have found this a helpful read, and I'm sorry if I rattled on a bit - I had a lot of detailed opinions, I guess! Thank you for reading as far as this if you have, be sure to follow me using the social media links in my sidebar for more posts similar to this one!